Why Use Blockchain Credentials?

We digitise documents for tomorrow on Blockchain today!
CredSure enables organisations and individuals to access tamper-proof, verifiable digital records.

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Secure Digital Credentials

We unleash the power of blockchain credentials, so you can store documents digitally and securely.


Prepare, exchange and manage documents, contracts and invoices with blockchain credentials.


Blockchain credentials once issued cannot
be modified; they can only be appended.


Blockchain provides all details of a end-to-end transaction, leaving a trace of all the changes made.


The QR code and verifiable link present on documents enable instant verification of digital records.


Proof of Ownership

Utilising Blockchain to guarantee the integrity of data and transactions


Access a full auditable history of data or transactions to ensure document accuracy, compliance, and prevent frauds.


Easily reissue and revoke previously issued digital records if any inconsistencies are identified.


Use CredSure to remotely issue digital records on Blockchain and confirm the certainty and ownership of the document.


Combat Fraud and Cyber Crimes

Blockchain verification and authentication

QR Code

Through CredSure, every document is issued with a QR code imprinted on it. On scanning the QR code, a counterfeit or unauthorised copy of the document can be detected easily.

Verifiable Link

Each record or certificate issued using CredSure has a blockchain verifiable link to check its legitimacy immediately, preventing malicious parties from interfering with the data.


Eliminate intermediaries, reduce friction and increase business


Automating document generation, processing and distribution using blockchain makes the entire process accessible and easily repeatable, and therefore quicker and more efficient.

Cutting costs

Blockchain credential management offers quick and easy access. It eliminates misfiled or lost files,
the need for physical storage space and reduces operational costs.

Data Insights

Track metrics and use a range of reporting components to visualise data, create
insightful reports and dashboards that lead to
better decisions and enhance ROI.

Brand visibility

Issuing blockchain credentials will act as a badge of trust, provide greater credibility to everyone involved and broaden your market reach and reputation as a forward-thinking organisation.

CredSure: Uncovering new opportunities for trust, mobility, and value creation

The CEO Interview

An in-depth interview with the CredSure’s Co-Founder & CEO, Tim Miller, who talks about how blockchain technology can better facilitate digital transactions.