Improve access and use of employee records

Centralise employee credentials collection and evaluation using CredSure. Provide custom, branded digital credentials on blockchain, in a format that employees can hold and share when needed.

WorkForce use case

Transform employee records into trusted identity on blockchain

Transform employee records into trusted identity on blockchain

Digital badges

Recognise skills and reward on-the-job accomplishments with digital badges secured on blockchain. Take advantage of digital badges to promote your workforce’s culture, well-being, and business performance.

Digital Certificates

Empower employees to become life-long learners and define their career journeys. Award blockchain digital certificates as proof of learning and make a positive impact best aligned to an employee’s personal goals or professional needs.

Data Analytics

Choose CredSure to standardise employee credentials and bridge workplace skills gaps. Apply analytics and use interactive dashboards to make strategic decisions for workforce performance management and improvement.

Let’s help you streamline employee credentials for the greatest benefit.

“Micro-credentialing using CredSure has become an essential tool for our organisation. We use it to build and demonstrate the skill sets that we will need to succeed in the future”