Improve corporate training by issuing centralised digital credentials to your employees

Provide shareable, branded digital credentials to improve access and use of employee records

Convert employee and corporate training records into verifiable blockchain identities

Transform employee records into trusted identity on blockchain

Digital badges for employee training

Improve employee training with digital badges anchored on the blockchain. Acknowledge and incentivize on-the-job accomplishments to drive a culture of continuous learning, employee engagement, and optimal business outcomes.

Digital certificates for corporate training

Provide secure digital certificates to enrich corporate and employee training programs. Boost employee well-being and business growth by validating your employee’s learning achievements with personalized digital certificates.

Data Analytics

Opt for CredSure to standardize employee credentials and close the skill gaps in corporate training. Utilize analytics and interactive dashboards to strategically manage and enhance workforce performance for improved outcomes.

Modernize employee training with digital credentials

“Micro-credentialing using CredSure has become an essential tool for our organisation. We use it to build and demonstrate the skill sets that we will need to succeed in the future”