Take Testing, Inspection and Certification Digital

Ensure brand integrity by converting paper and PDF into transparent and traceable blockchain certificates. Testing, Inspection and Certification companies can cryptographically share and verify the safety and performance of a product, service, or process using digital certificates via CredSure.

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Generate Secure, Verifiable Digital Certificates.

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Management System Certification

Issue transparent and smart digital certificates that are fraud-proof and provide instant verification. Gain valuable insights into the validity, useage and upsell potential of customers. Differentiate in a competitive market.

Audits & Inspection Reports

Issue electronic certificates and reports that act as proof of ownership, have a time stamp and history of all updates.

Automotive Damage Appraisal

Electronically document traffic incidents with key details such as location, date and time stamp. Apt for insurance and assessment purposes.

Auditor Management

Manage the qualifications of your auditors. Update qualifications, assign training, and manage scopes of your auditing team while staying compliant with stringent accreditation requirements.

Health and Safety (H&S)

Use blockchain to establish a secure H&S digital access system. Ensure all contractors meet certification and compliance requirements. Centrally managed, updated and controlled. Auditable and transparent.

Supply Chain Traceability

Adopt digital certificates to enhance the transparency of certified products. Support customers in managing supply chain risk with instantly verifiable proof of origin and assessment.
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“CredSure not only offers new platform business models for the Testing, Inspection, and Certification sector but also builds on new technologies such as Blockchain, which are scalable throughout the industry.”

Ralf Scheller

Chief Operating Officer, TUV Rheinland Group