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Enhance Monitorability

Secure & Streamlined Supply Chain Processes

Choose CredSure to issue digital records backed by blockchain to streamline manual processes in any transactional relationships between businesses, vendors, suppliers and others, enhancing visibility of assets, resource usage and risks through the supply chain.

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Digitise Supply Chain Processes

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Tackle outdated paper processes that slow down communication by digitising records. Track and verify transactions from source to customer, minimise compliance violations and manual errors.


Verifiable digital files issued over blockchain are accessible to all stakeholders without the risk of manipulation. It is a cost-effective, efficient way of securing and authenticating transactions.


Digital files issued via CredSure are immutable with an audit trail of changes and blockchain timestamps, creating an unbroken chain of transactions which can be seamlessly verified and authenticated.

Move your document issuance, distribution, and verification processes onto CredSure.

“We've digitised our documents and used CredSure as a single source of truth. This has given all our stakeholders the same access to documents, helping them track and verify its authenticity and monitor it through all stages of the supply chain.”