Standardise Medical Credentialing

Expedite the issuance and verification of staff credentials, clinical research, board certifications, employment references, insurance policy and other documents on blockchain. Use CredSure end-to-end electronic credentialing platform to translate paper documents into digital files that have a unique QR code and URL.

Blockchain-Anchored Digital Certificates for Healthcare Professionals Graphic

Automate medical credentialing & enrolment

Accelerate Medical Credentialing and Onboarding Graphic

Accelerate Credentialing and Onboarding

Make the switch from tedious manual physician & nurse credentialing to digital credentialing. Whether you’re a hospital, post-acute, or home health agency, adopt electronic issuance and verification of documents to save time and staff up faster.

Save Costs and Increase Efficiency

Use CredSure as the central digital record management system to access files via the internet from anywhere. Maintain real-time information and eliminate delays in retrieving files stored in filing cabinets or on computer hard drives.

Prevent Negligent Credentialing

With negligent credentialing claims on the rise, the pressure on healthcare providers to reduce risk and take appropriate action is higher than ever. Issue and incorporate digital records on blockchain to help protect the organisation from risk.

Shift your system into high gear with medical credentialing on blockchain

Digital or electronic credentialing on blockchain is ideal to enhance information collection, data accuracy, credential verification and ultimately patient safety as well.