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SkillPass Directory to Empower your Workforce

The SkillPass Directory is a community of certified professionals, allowing educational institutions to increase alumni participation and companies to engage with this talent pool, recruit talent and develop viable business plans.
SkillPass Directory to Empower your Workforce

Trusted by over million users globally

Developing a Reputation for Certified Professionals


Developing a reputation for certified professionals.

Your certified alumni build a profile – we call it SkillPass. Add credentials, record a video CV, use our CV templates and tap into a global network to gain visibility and connect with recruiters and alumni.


Mixing talent strategies to bridge skills gaps

SkillPass Directory uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven by skills instead of keywords. Members receive curated jobs and course recommendations that match their skills, helping them pivot quickly and fill vacant positions.

Skill Pass Directory | Recognising Talent to Bridge Skills Gaps

Join SkillPass, become a member of a community of certified professionals.

Skill Pass Directory | Catalyst for the Promotion and Development


Catalyst for the promotion and development

We enable organisations to accompany their alumni or brand ambassadors throughout their professional careers, inform them and support their personal and professional growth.

SkillPass Directory

A network supporting careers & professionals

Cultivate, engage and foster an alumni network on a blockchain-powered platform to strengthen your brand identity and expand your market reach.