digital credentialING platform

Issue and manage digital credentials

CredSure makes it easy to issue tamper-proof, branded digital certificates and badges. Spend less time mailing out “certificates” and more time on improving your curriculum.
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Over 100 companies worldwide trust CredSure to secure their digital certificates

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Digital Credential AUTOMATION

Increase efficiency with digital credentialing

Digitise credentialing and database management. Say goodbye to collating, printing and couriering certificates. Choose CredSure to amplify visibility, apply analytics and automate effects.

Digital Credentialing Platform

Shareable, verifiable credentials

Enable recipients to confidently share their digital certificates & badges, prove their qualifications and potential employers to validate their credentials instantly.

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Take a look at our end-to-end solution for issuing and managing digital credentials.
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Digital credentialing platform with over 100+ features

Integrate CredSure with your LMS. Remotely issue digital certificates and badges for all your certification or training program.

Why digital credentialing

Maximise the value of your certification

Issue immutable, globally verifiable certificates and badges on blockchain to improve transparency and standards.

Digital Credential FAQ's

Yes, they can share their digital credentials on LinkedIn. Recipients can easily share their credentials with just a click of a button on the verifier page. They can select their preferred social platform and spread the word about their achievements.

Your organisation can log in to the CredSure platform to access and view analytics for all your credentials. With CredSure’s analytics report, you can

  • Identify the number of credentials issued 
  • Gain insight into the number of credentials shared 
  • Understand the Marketing ROI generated from sharing

Your organisation can issue as many credentials for each recipient through CredSure’s digital credentialing platform.

Recipients can instantly verify their credentials by scanning the unique QR code on their digital badges.

Recipients can access their credentials through the verifier page or through their registered email address.