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Digital Certificates on Blockchain

CredSure is the easiest way to share your certificates on blockchain. It provides unparalleled value in terms of security, ease of use, delivery methods, social sharing and analytics.

CredSure is trusted by over million users globally

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Verify your digital certificates instantly

Instead of paper documents, issue certificates on blockchain and instil trust with instant verification and authentication.

Share Certificates Easily

Enable recipients to share digital certificates

Give your recipients the flexibility to share their certificates without the fear of it being stolen or altered. Let your certificates act as a marketing tool that promotes your business and reputation.

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blockchain Based certificates

Digital certification system with over 100 features

Integrate CredSure with your LMS and easily manage your database to issue digital certificates. Experience greater transparency, speed, auditability and reduced costs.

Redefine the future of digital credentials

Switch from paper certificates

Issue immutable, globally verifiable certificates on blockchain to improve transparency and standards.

Digital Certificate FAQs

Digital certificate validity depends on the discretion of the credential issuers. For example, if the issuer’s validity is set for a year after the date of issuance, a recipient’s certificate will be valid for a year from the date of issuance.

Recipients can access their certificates and badges through the verification page or their email.

  • Identify the number of credentials issued 
  • Gain insight into the number of credentials shared 
  • Understand the Marketing ROI generated from sharing

Recipients can instantly verify their digital certificate by scanning the unique QR code on their digital certificate.

With CredSure, you can automatically issue a digital certificate to your recipients via E-mail or SMS with a downloadable link. CredSure digital certificates are also mobile-friendly, and recipients can view their certificates on any device.

CredSure will email the digital certificate to the respective certificate holder. The organisation can customise email templates and control other email settings through the CredSure platform.

Yes, your organisation can customise the digital certificates per your brand through the CredSure platform. You can choose from more than 100+ custom certificate design templates.

Digital certificate lifecycle management refers to managing the entire lifespan of digital certificates, from issuance to expiration. It involves various activities and controls to ensure the proper use, renewal, revocation, and management of certificates within an organisation or system.