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Create, Share & Manage Digital Badges In Minutes

Customise your digital badges and share them within minutes! Our user-friendly badging platform helps you award badges easily and gain real-time insights on social shares.

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A secure way to dive into digital badging

Use CredSure to issue badges that are 100% secure and verifiable. Award them in seconds and allow anyone, from anywhere in the world, to check its authenticity immediately.


A reward system that fits your organisational needs

Maximise your organisation’s marketing and sales objectives with our badging platform. Our templates are fully-customisable, easily shareable and can be branded with your logo.

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Want to see how easy it’s to award a badge?

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SHAReABLE digital badges

Create, issue & track your badges

Badges customised with CredSure are shareable on all social media platforms. Our badging platform also provides 24/7 real-time data analysis of all digital metrics including badge sharing, badge clicks and overall usage.

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Flexible Digital Badges

CredSure’s digital badging platform is secured through blockchain, ensuring the badges are portable and easily shareable to record achievements.

Digital Badge FAQs

Open badges are digital versions of a credential, certification or badge that can be verified in real-time.

Your organisation can create, manage, and issue badges through our seamless digital badging platform.

Recipients access their badges through the verifier page or through their registered email address.

Your organisation can log in to the CredSure platform to access and view analytics for all your digital badges. With CredSure’s analytics report, you can

  • Identify the number of credentials issued 
  • Gain insight into the number of credentials shared 
  • Understand the Marketing ROI generated from sharing

Recipients can instantly verify their badges by scanning the unique QR code on their digital badges.

Yes, your organisation can customise badges for employees as per your brand through the CredSure platform. You can choose from numerous custom badge design templates.

Yes, they can share their digital badges on LinkedIn. Recipients can easily share their badges with just a click of a button at the bottom of the email. They can select their preferred social platform and spread the word about their achievements.