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Tsaaro Academy in Collaboration with CredSure Issues Digital Certificates

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Tsaaro Academy began its journey with the dream of creating a world-class platform that assists companies and individuals with data privacy and cybersecurity.

The cost and effort needed to issue and manage individual certifications are high. As the Tsaaro Academy grew, it needed a partner who could solve these problems.

Tsaaro Academy recently announced a new partnership with CredSure. This partnership will automate the process of issuing certificates and badges. With automation, participants of seminars, conferences, and data privacy courses can easily showcase the skills they have gained by sharing them on social media platforms. CredSure helped to provide these digital certificates and badges effectively with much ease.

CredSure offered its blockchain-powered digital credential model to digitise the certificates and badge issuance process. This meant that Tsaaro Academy could issue certificates with attractive template designs within a shorter time frame. Additionally, issuing digital credentials that people can share on social media helped Tsaaro Academy gain widespread recognition.

Customer-centric blockchain certificate!

“Digital credentials issued on CredSure are 100% current and verifiable on the blockchain. They can be awarded in seconds, and anyone, from anywhere in the world can verify authenticity immediately”
Tim Miller
Co-Founder and Managing Director of CredSure.

Customer-centric blockchain certificate!

“CredSure was just the digital credentialing solution that we were looking for. The CredSure platform extends our vision of value-education and global outlook, supporting us as well as our professionals and presenting them with new resources.”
Ankush Arora
Operations Head at Tsaaro

THe Challenges

The key highlights of this partnership are as follows

  • Automating the process of sending credentials and avoiding the intricacy of sending individual emails
  • Offering digital certificates and badges to bring brand recognition to learning and skills development
  • Sharing credentials across social media channels for maximum reach and optimized brand visibility
  • Authenticating on blockchain and providing a commitment to quality and enhancing security

About Tsaaro Academy

Tsaaro Academy provides deep expertise and leadership in engineering. They also offer maturing comprehensive privacy programs enabling continuous compliance, information governance, and data security alongside the changing privacy landscape. Its mission is to bridge the talent gap in the global market and build an international community to unite data privacy professionals worldwide who can support each other in their professional journeys.

About CredSure

CredSure is a ‘Future of Work’ platform that connects education to employment in the technical skills sector. With a vision to bridge the skills gap, and enable skilled professionals to work wherever there is a demand. The platform provides a digital credentialing solution to enable educators to anchor digital records on the blockchain. Technical professionals can also use CredSure to build a ‘SkillPass’ digital SSI wallet that helps them showcase their skills, build a digital portfolio, record video CVs, and share their certificates with potential employers. Connecting key stakeholders in the technical sector, CredSure focuses on streamlining the sourcing process, and bridging the skills gap between education and employment while establishing trust and transparency.

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