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ByteEDGE Learning is a modern learning solutions provider that provides byte-size learning modules or information the learner can consume. Their ultimate aim is to provide a platform for working professionals to upskill and reskill themselves. They also pride themselves on equipping people with industry-relevant knowledge or skills. Besides, ByteEDGE’s innovative approach and ability to customise customer-specific content were of great value to their customers.

With the help of AI and Deep Learning technology, ByteEDGE Learning created short, byte-sized videos that working professionals could use to upskill themselves on the go. The videos cater to working professionals across the globe. ByteEDGE Learning aims to transform and reinvent how the global workforce upskills themselves with these videos. They also create AI-driven reels that pique the learner’s curiosity and make learning fun.

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Customer-centric blockchain certificate!

“As a learning company, we know user motivations are driven by recognition and rewards. ByteEdge is a new-age learning platform, and we were looking to digitise our certification process, and CredSure provided us with the perfect opportunity to do so. They even assisted in creating a custom design template and helped us integrate their platform with our LMS to initiate a hassle-free process!”
Kamal Dutta
CEO of ByteEDGE Learning Singapore Pte Ltd.

THe Challenges

The Inevitable Need for Digital Certification

As a leading learning solutions provider, ByteEDGE Learning has been offering courses to train working professionals for various job roles. With these training sessions, they realised the need for certificates that can be instantly verified and shared on multiple social media platforms. However, they were looking for a certification platform to integrate with their Learning Management System (LMS). By integrating their LMS, they wanted to ensure their workflow remained hassle-free.


How ByteEDGE Benefited from the Collaboration?

CredSure offered a solution wherein ByteEDGE Learning could integrate its LMS seamlessly with the former’s platform. Moreover, CredSure assisted in automating their entire business process — from maintaining a record to the easy issuance of certificates. Besides the easy integration, ByteEDGE Learning collaborated with us because of our unified dashboard and social sharing features and capabilities. With the aim of upskilling blue-collared workers and providing certification for the same, CredSure assisted ByteEDGE Learning in digitising their certification procedure and helped them create a custom design for their certificates.

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THe Results

Easy Issuance of Certificates with LMS Integration

API Integration

with ByteEDGE’s LMS


Efficiency in Business Operations


Reduction in Issuance Time

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