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Customer Success Story | Clini INDIA

Clini INDIA Brings Blockchain to Clinical Research Certification and Credentialing

THE company


CLINI INDIA is a progressive Clinical Research Institute, offering exceptional training in a wide range of research-related areas including Clinical Trial Management, Clinical Data Management, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Writing and Regulatory Affairs. Established in Hyderabad it aims to generate quality research professionals to meet the global research standards. 

CLINI INDIA is an Authorised Training Partner with Clinevo Technologies, for various Clinical Trials and Pharmacovigilance- softwares designed for pharma, life science and medical graduates. They provide hands-on clinical research training and help aspirants to kick start their career in the clinical research industry.

As the demand for clinical research is increasing profoundly in recent times, growing into a multi-billion and multidisciplinary industry, CLINI INDIA wanted to enhance researcher recognition and facilitate new opportunities. For this purpose, they wanted to digitise the process of issuing certificates so that they could maintain the security of their certificates and also tackle the challenge of verifying previously issued certificates.

"Certif-ID was just the digital credentialing solution that we were looking for. The Certif-ID platform extends our vision of value-education and global outlook, supporting us as well as our professionals and presenting them with new resources,"
Anuj Tripathi
“Sending out certificates took a lot of time. They would get lost, damaged in the post, or take weeks to come back to us. Furthermore, with campuses in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and Nagpur we wanted one designated system to carry out the overall certification process across all facilities.”
Anuj Tripathi

THe Challenges


  • Securing educational degrees on the blockchain to boost training outcome
  • Providing blockchain verifiable digital certificates to help learners build and prove skills
  • Automating certification on blockchain and affirming commitment to quality

The rise of the need for educational record digitisation

CLINI INDIA used to print and mail paper certificates. As the number of training program participants grew, the situation became untenable. 

Clinical research is one of the most knowledge-intensive industries and so CLINI INDIA had concerns that clinical research professionals who are not certified may lead to serious issues in the future.  As Anuj Tripathi, CLINI INDIA, put it, “another one of our concerns was to enhance the credibility of our learners and prevent fake research professionals from infiltrating the market. We wanted to award our learners with something tangible to prove their learning.”

Revolutionising certifications and training courses with digital certificates

CLINI INDIA made the decision to issue their certificates through Certif-ID. This simplified the administrative processes and made it more time-efficient. They can now remotely send and update certificates quickly and efficiently. And, their graduates can easily share their verifiable digital certificates with employers and other institutions around the world without any hassle.

“Certif-ID is a plug and play, scalable platform. Switching certificate issuance from a paper-based system to a digital process has delivered significant time and cost savings,” said Mike Wild, Certif-ID. “Now through Certif-ID, Clini INDIA is automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, and directly issuing digital certificates to learners’ email IDs.”

In addition to eliminating the problems associated with the printing and mailing of paper certificates, adopting Certif-ID has positioned CLINI INDIA in a positive light.

“Awarding graduates with tamper-proof, blockchain secure digital certificates makes perfect sense,” said Anuj, CLINI INDIA. “We loved the ease with which one can customise the certificate template, and issue and verify it with just a few clicks. Also, when shared on social media, our digital certificates now act as marketing assets, increasing the visibility of our programs and institute.”

The automation and streamlining of the overall certification process resulted in significant cost savings. CLINI INDIA estimates that the direct cost per certificate was at least halved. Furthermore, it freed up staff time, reduced costs, delivered better service and increased online visibility.

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