Credly vs CredSure for digital certificates

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CredSure’s the place to start! Easily issue, manage and track your Digital Badges on Blockchain!

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Contactless, easy and quick

Your recipients are opting for contactless food delivery and expect the similar easy-to-use, up-to-date experience when receiving their digital badges. The badges should be digital, verifiable and secure.

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Secure Digital Badges

Blockchain Badges and Analytica

Stop wasting time on multiple solutions for credentialing. You can easily issue and verify badges or academic records – all in one place. Also, use our advanced analytics dashboard to track the badges issued.


Scale Certificate Issuance

Our platform integrates with leading LMS and student management systems. You can issue one or more badges at a time. Sign in, import data and issue digital badges on blockchain. It is that simple!

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Here's why CredSure is the best alternative to Credly for digital badges.


Issue digital badges directly into learners’ email IDs. Remove middle men and allow anyone with access to view, share and verify it instantly.

Tamper Proof

Blockchain-based digital badges are transparent, traceable, & immutable. They cannot be altered or removed.

Prevent Fraud

Digitally issue badges on blockchain and protect your brand. Put an end to fraud, identity theft and fake degrees or diplomas.

Empower Recipients

Manage your credentials easily with CredSure. Provide digital badges that the recipients can own and can be verified anywhere.

Promote Awareness

The digital badges that you issue will act as a marketing tool that solidifies your brand reputation as trustworthy and dependable.

Gain Insight

Our advanced analytics dashboard gives you the information you need to better understand your recipients trends.

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