Worldskills Kazan 2019 – A Confluence of Skill, Dedication and Purpose


Coming up next month is the 45th WorldSkills Kazan Competition which will take place at the Kazan Expo International Exhibition Centre. We’re excited to see a wide range of skills in action, explore training and skills development opportunities and network with potential partners and clients.

WorldSkills Kazan 2019, also popularly known as the ‘Olympics of Skills,’ will bring talented learners from around the world. From the 22nd to 27th of August, individuals will compete in tests of their technical skills in areas such as Construction and Building Technology, Creative Arts and Fashion, Information and Communication Technology, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology, Social and Personal Services and Transportation and Logistics.

Certif-ID will be present at the event, introducing a blockchain-powered global networking platform designed specifically for the technical sector, driving collaboration between technical training institutes, students and professionals and employers. Pushing the boundaries of training, we are taking this opportunity to showcase how we envision and define contextual lifelong learning experiences.

We are modernizing the student enrolment and certification process systems, redesigning technical training business processes and architecting personalized student experiences – designing digital credentialing service with next-generation technology.

Aimed at transforming the skill development process, we wish to schedule meetings, showcase engaging demos, exchange knowledge and best practices. Below are some of the most exciting developments you can experience.

Blockchain Technolgy in The Education Sector

Employing blockchain technology and security protocols in the technical training sector, we are enabling automated and efficient student registration, course management and certification processes. Bringing trust and transparency through its immutable and incorruptible system, Certif-ID provides secure tracking, authentication and instant proof of credentials. We are redefining the traditional ways of working and facilitating the members on the network to securely collaborate, support and create opportunities for each other.

Digital Certificate or Certificate Wallet

Replacing traditional methods with new approaches, Certif-ID is bringing digital certificates anchored in blockchain technology. The platform allows an individual to showcase and store all academic qualifications in one secure place – a digital repository. Furthermore, the digital portfolio enables easy sharing and verification of credentials among the employer network.

Bridging The Gap Between Skills and Employment

According to the International Labor Organization report, 172+ million people globally were unemployed in 2018 and one in five young people under 25 are jobless and have no skills.

To address this and provide a practical approach, Certif-ID reviews institutions on the platform ensuring that they are conforming to the global standards of technical training, allows individuals to choose courses to upgrade their skills and directly connect with recruiters for suitable roles. The platform also provides recommendations about the courses one can pursue, playing an active role in streamlining their career path.

Digital Identity For Technical Professionals

First impressions do count and nowadays they happen online. Individuals can make a great first impression with a professional digital profile, showcasing their certificates, degrees, skills, work experience, among other details and engage with a global audience of followers, recruiters and peers. As a result, Certif-ID will spur on connectivity and sharing, expanding an individuals’ online presence and professional network.

Smart Recruitment

Devised to ensure effective recruitment management and applicant tracking, recruiters on Certif-ID can sort candidates based on an individual’s competency or skill level, enhancing the quality of the entire recruitment process. The blockchain-based educational certificates that are created and issued via the platform are unmodifiable, anti-counterfeit, making it impossible to forge. Thereby, employers on the platform can not just identify potential candidates and screen them based on their competency but also verify their credentials with just one-click.

As the education sector becomes more connected, emerging systems may not only bring cost savings but will also generate new revenue-generating possibilities for participants across the ecosystem. 

It is an exciting time to be in the blockchain technology space. Focused on innovating and applying contemporary computing techniques, we are set to transform the technical training sector and bring convenience and safety to institutions, students, working professionals, and recruiters.

Join us in Kazan from 22nd to 27th August, we’ll ensure that the time you spend with us will be memorable and valuable of your entire WorldSkills Kazan 2019 experience.

To schedule a meeting, drop us an email or connect with us here.