Worldskills 2019 Took Visitors on an Inspiring Journey Around The Future of Skills


WorldSkills 2019 kicked off on the 22nd of August in Kazan, with the aim of profiling and recognising some of the most skilled people on the planet.

WorldSkills 2019

What really unfolded at the event was a congregation of extremely talented teams from across the world showcasing the best of their talent and delivering innovative solutions across a range of fields such as Construction and Building Technology, Creative Arts and Fashion, Information and Communication Technology, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology, Social and Personal Services and Transportation and Logistics.

Considered to be the biggest international skills competition on the planet, the event witnessed 1,300+ competitors not only battling for victory but also driving the importance of skills in the years to come. 

An Opportunity To Change Lives!

WorldSkills 2019 gave us – the government, experts from industries, leaders in the education sector and various other decision-makers an opportunity to network, share ideas which could transform the way countries approach skilling, and identify routes to better the professional and education landscape.

The event highlighted the need to prepare our youth not only to succeed in academics but become confident individuals with skills and aptitude required to succeed in their future careers and life.

Now, since WorldSkills served as a platform for the promotion of skills, it was natural that we at Certif-ID made our presence known, quite simply because we share the same ideology! 

Like WorldSkills, our vision is to bring visibility to the skills sector and in doing so create better opportunities for technical professionals. #skillschangelives. Our aim at the event was to present the advantages that blockchain technology can bring to the education and skills sector.

We outlined our vision of connecting technical training institutes, students, working professionals and recruiters on a single platform, modernising student certification process, optimising various technical training processes and personalising student and institute experiences.

With digitalisation on the rise, technology and skills are certainly going to see their destinies intertwine over the course of the next few decades. Indeed, it was with the aim of understanding the future of skills that the WorldSkills 2019 was held alongside the competition. 

Also, we saw two new initiatives integrated into the proceedings, the WorldSkills Juniors and Future Skills. WorldSkills Junior is all about motivating children aged between 14-16 years to enrol into skill training programs to get them future-ready. On the other hand, the Future Skills aims to create awareness about the roles and fields of the future that will drive digitalisation.

Finally, as the event came to an end with a spectacular dazzling ceremony – one that featured colorful music and dance performances and fireworks displays – there was a sense that the event heralded the beginning of tectonic shift, not just in terms of the evolving realm of skills, but also the emphasis laid down by countries towards training their youth with the right initiatives- and of course, utilizing the right technology to empower those initiatives.

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