Why the World Needs a Review System for Educational Institutions

Why the World Needs a Review System for Educational Institutions

How would you choose a course, college, or training institute that you would like to study at? In most cases, individuals will make a list of courses and educational institutions; depending maybe on Google’s search results or recommendations provided by well-wishers who have heard rumors or seen flashy advertising campaigns – and start applying to them based on a series of unverified facts and statistics. 

Of course, there are institutions that live up to its claim, but generally speaking, such ill-informed decisions can have serious consequences like:

  • Poor quality of education, outdated curriculums and training methods
  • Lack of industry-relevant training and skills
  • Unaccredited and unrecognized certifications or diplomas

You would certainly like to avoid these outcomes because learning new skills the right way (irrespective of whether you are a fresher or experienced candidate) is critical towards landing and succeeding at jobs of the future.

So in this blog, let us look at how a reviewal system could benefit and create a sense of harmony between technical educational institutions, students, working professionals, and recruiters.

An Accessible Reviewal System

If an individual can access independent reviews of quality standards of educational institutes, courses, or curriculum they can understand the competency of the institute towards training students across niche skills. 

Knowing about things like the training methodologies employed or the projects they will get to work on, will allow the candidates to be more aware and make well-informed decisions. In turn, this could result in increasing the talent pool of skilled workers in the professional world.

Keeping in line with this vision, CredSure is leveling the playing field and presenting new means to challenge the existing approaches to education and employment. 

  • CredSure’s blockchain-powered platform provides trust and transparency to all stakeholders.
  • It allows individuals to connect with educational institutions/recruiters directly and have conversations.
  • With the help of independent third-party organisations, we review, assess and rate their current position based on multiple criteria, including the quality of courses, training activities and delivery systems.
  • Through the platform, educational institutions, as well as companies, can issue candidates with digital certificates after completing a course. 
  • Anchored in blockchain, a certificate has an unalterable link with a graduate’s academic achievements and the corresponding credentials. Thereby authenticating its contents, the process by which the digital certificate was issued and the identity of the candidate.

Breaking Down the Barriers of Boundaries

The adoption of Industry 4.0 will create new jobs with skills required in emerging technologies. To meet the skill demand of future jobs, training institutes are offering courses in areas including data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more.

A review system – in alliance with widespread propagation of 4G/5G technology (faster broadband systems) – will help individuals across the globe to consider an institute or course and decide upon upskilling themselves.

I request you to share your thoughts here. If you would like to meet with our experts and find out more about the CredSure and how the platform can help you gain more visibility across the education and professional landscapes, please schedule a meeting here.