Unnati Issues Digital Certificates via CredSure in Face of Pandemic

Unnati Issues Digital Certificates via CredSure in Face of Pandemic

Unnati’s 30 days social transformation training program ensures that students aged between 18-25 find suitable jobs at the end of the program. To further strengthen this training program, Unnati wanted to make sure that their students not only learned the right skills but also received the right certificate, enabling them to prove their skills.

“We were looking for a way to better manage our student experience and data. To automate our paper-based course completion certificate issuing process. We wanted to issue authentic digital certificates which are globally recognized,” said Mr. M. R Subramaniam, of Unnati. “Also, in a world where internet and online security is critical, the need to secure student and institute information was our top priority.”

CredSure’s automated time-consuming manual processed and introduced digital certificates, data management, data analytics tools, SkillPass, and more. Its blockchain-powered hub heightened Unnati’s learning environment.

“Our aim was to establish CredSure as the primary certification and database management system. An end-to-end, secure system to issue digital certificates, provide data insights, and supercharge student profiles,” said Rakshit Manga, Sales Director CredSure. “Through CredSure we not only wanted Unnati to track student potential, performance, and progress but also build brand trust – a win-win solution for Unnati, its students, and recruiters.”


  • Socially Shareable Digital Certificates – Empowers students to gain global recognition. Helps them share and showcase their credentials with impact.
  • Brand Protection via Verifiable Digital Certificates – Strengthens brand experience and reputation by issuing easily verifiable digital certificates powered by blockchain.
  • Cost-effective operations and competitiveness – Automates tedious assessment and certification processes, improving operational efficiency, data and cost control.

Taking Systematic Steps to Improve Operational Efficiency

Finding CredSure’s approach unique and reliable, Unnati partnered with CredSure to automate their existing processes, while also empowering students to take responsibility for their future.

“As we were facing huge challenges with regards to certification and skills matching with industry demands, we felt it is necessary to implement a smart way to recognise learning and issue smart certificates for our trainees,” said Mr. Ramesh Swamy, Director of Unnati. “The paper certificates we issued did not fit our needs. We wanted a simple system that would better highlight our students’ skills, bolstering their identities while applying for a job. Also, a secure certification system that would protect student records from falsification and theft.”

By automating and digitizing processes on CredSure’s blockchain framework, Unnati is:

  • Handling assessments and certification at the course and batch level
  • Securely issuing students witch digital certificates powered by blockchain
  • Facilitating certificate and background verification using blockchain
  • Managing, analyzing and utilizing data to gain visibility into the skilling landscape

Unnati is Issuing One-Click Shareable, Verifiable and Secure Digital Certificates Via CredSure

CredSure’s vendor-neutral solution seamlessly integrates with Unnati’s Learning Management Software and brings together all certification, verification, and database information into one central platform – eliminating creation, approval, and submission of paper certificates manually.

Digitally certifying skills beyond classrooms

As Unnati operates in over 30 Skill Development Centres PAN India, the issuance of course completion certificates was posing to be a challenge.

“For years we have struggled with manual data management using spreadsheets and other data records. The coordination required for properly printing the certificates, ensuring they reach the respective locations in time and are handed to students over correctly was a huge ordeal,” said Mr. Subramaniam, Unnati. “But CredSure has made it easy by allowing us to invite students to courses/batches and issue digital certificates directly to our students, regardless of the growth in the number of our centers.”

Targeting the imbalance between the demand and supply of skills, Unnati is utilizing CredSure for;

  • Skills development – improving skills supply
  • Skills assessment – evaluating the current supply and demand for skill
  • Skills anticipation – forecasting the demand for a type of skill

The transparency offered by CredSure has eliminated the extra cost of the logistics involved in the issuance of manual certificates. Trainees who graduate from Unnati can now share their digital certificate, have it instantly verified and exhibit their learning journey through Skillpass.

Blockchain- Powered Hub and Immutable Certificates Lead the Way

With the number of students and training centres increasing, Unnati’s aim was to ensure that the right candidate gets the right certificate, at the right time.

“CredSure met Unnati’s objective of easily managing student data and issuing course completion certificates with a click of a mouse. A convenient way to give learners a platform to showcase their verified credentials while ensuring equal opportunities for all,” said Rakshit Manga, Sales Director CredSure. “We believe, on its journey to establish lifelong learning strategies through non-academic training initiatives, Unnati is equipping our youth with skills needed for the current labour market.”

Unnati has eliminated the logistics involved in the issuance of manual certificates, removing any possibilities of students losing their certificates. Apart from gaining full control on the certificate issuance process, Unnati has empowered its students to move up the ladder using Skillpass. SkillPass is a dynamic profile that includes features like video CVs to showcase personality/skills, Europass CV, skills-based course/job alerts, skill-led career path planning and more.

“We are excited that the skills developed by Unnati’s training programs, now through CredSure, is getting better visibility, international recognition and appreciation in the labour market,” said Mr. Ramesh Swamy, Unnati. “With CredSure, Unnati has made huge leaps forward in building the infrastructure required in the process of educating the underprivileged. The solution offered by CredSure has met all the requirements of the digitized solution that we were looking for, and that too at an affordable cost – Unnati is truly going digital!”