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Transforming Education Certification with Blockchain

Transforming Education Certification with Blockchain

The need for technically skilled professionals, from engineers to marketers, is increasing. And, the gap between the supply of qualified experts and the demand for skilled talent is also rising.

Can Blockchain Make a Difference?

Joint Research Center (JRC) has studied how blockchain can benefit areas such as training, educational certification, and digital credentialing. The study states that the relationship between blockchain and education is in its early stage. But the ability of blockchain records to remain unchanged unlocks many business-level benefits.

Digital credentials could be key in redefining the Education Certification and validation process.

Issued through blockchain’s decentralised framework, digital certificates:

  • Assure student privacy, identity and credibility
  • Minimise fraud and increase accountability
  • Enable easy access and authentication
  • Reduce the gap between institutions, students and recruiters
  • Improve the candidate screening and sourcing process
  • Help recruiters to hire candidates based on the skills required
  • Verify records from anywhere at anytime

Here are Three Applications of Blockchain’s Distributed Ledger System: 


Replacing paper certificates, etranscripts are simplifying the transcripts process. It can include more information and links to highlight a candidate’s skills and knowledge. Holding digital educational certifications will also enhance a person’s visibility, marketability and employability.

Digital Identity: 

Having blockchain-powered credentials adds more value to an individual’s profile. Candidates can carry their identity on their mobile devices and prove their credibility. Also, bringing standardisation it allows employers to learn more about potential hires.   

Digital Badges: 

Badges act as proof of skill. It not only boosts profile visibility but also makes it easier for recruiters to find candidates. Also, it saves time as employers can exclude background and certificate verification.

Bringing all this Together is CredSure

CredSure is a dedicated skills community. Built on blockchain technology, it bridges the gap between institutions, students, working professionals, and recruiters.

Institutes can issue a digital certificate to a candidate’s education certification wallet, in their profile. Enabling institutions to issue academic certificates via the platform, CredSure brings transparency. Thereby, elevating the standards of skill and bridging the skill gap.

Having skills on the resume/profile, individuals can showcase their skills, knowledge, and expertise. The networking platform allows them to connect with key individuals in the industry. Further, they can share their records with potential recruiters and apply for jobs. 

CredSure’s competency-based search functionality allows recruiters to search for workers based on skills. Recruiters can view a profile and verify an individual’s records with one click. Also, by accessing a certified talent pool of qualified candidates, employers can efficiently fill vacant positions.

The platform provides great visibility to both candidates looking for work and jobs available. Thus, bridging the gap between education and employment.

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