Smart Tips on Creating Your Perfect Skillpass


Recruiters, on an average, spend only 6 seconds on a resume. That gives you a small amount of time to make a lasting impression. You might be at a disadvantage if too much, or too little information is included.

Standard, “Must-Have” Resume Sections Include :

  • Profile Summary
  • Personal Information
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills. Skills. Skills.

The Cons of a Paper Resume Resume

On paper, these sections might extend up to two or three pages. Your CV may, therefore, look a bit content heavy. When sent over email, chances are that if your resume is not neatly designed, recruiters will discard it. Recruiters don’t have the time to dig through heaps of information to find what is relevant to their needs, especially when there is an abundance of applicants.

Another key aspect for your resume is that it should contain keywords related to the job you are applying for. The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that most recruiters use, screen and shortlist resumes based on the keywords present in them. Unfortunately, sometimes when you include all of this information, such as your file with all your work samples, the file can be too large to download which can be frustrating for you and for recruiters.

Solving all the above-mentioned challenges and more is SkillPass. It gives you the chance to create a presentable resume that stimulates a recruiter’s interest.

Let’s Take a Look at SkillPass

SkillPass is a digital profile powered by CredSure. SkillPass gives you a chance to outperform your competition and stand out. You can create your own SkillPass by simply signing on to CredSure. 

Once you sign in, you can start building your profile, which we call the SkillPass. It is like a Skills Passport. It gives recruiters a comprehensive view of you, from education and skills learnt to work experience and samples.

How is SkillPass different from other Online Profiles?  

Unlike traditional profiles where keywords in your profile headline or summary decide on how much visibility your profile gets. SkillPass is driven by skills i.e., based on the skills you have gathered from your certificates, education qualifications and work experience, SkillPass will recommend you with potential jobs and courses. Likewise for recruiters, SkillPass recommends suitable candidate profiles having the specific competencies required for the role.

In a sense, SkillPass is a level playing field for all professionals as it allows your personal skills to speak for you and then highlights those skills to potential employers.

Additionally, SkillPass is an indicator of your growth – it can track your lifelong learning. Once you create your SkillPass, just grant access to recruiters or those who you want to share it with. The records you share can be viewed effortlessly. Also, you can feel confident knowing that your profile is secure as the platform is backed by blockchain technology. And, every transaction is encrypted, it can be tracked and verified.

What’s more? You can sign up for courses available on CredSure Discovery and earn digital certificates. These digital certificates are encrypted and can be verified instantly – making you an ideal candidate.

Why The Focus on Skills?

With the rising amount of technological disruption, automation and economic shifts, recruiters are looking for specific skills in potential candidates. Your skills hold the power to define your future.  

SkillPass can be your passport to lifelong learning, while exploring good job opportunities.  With the current trend in digital communication and the uplift in home working, now is the time that you digitised your resume.

Key Sections of a SkillPass

Key sections in your SkillPass are neatly labelled and presentable. These sections include:

  • Certificates
  • CV
  • Video CV
  • Documents
  • Feedback
  • Generate my PDF CV


  • Certificates – In this section, you are required to add any course certificates that you have earned. Certificates are proof of the knowledge and skills you have gained. They give recruiters a snapshot of your skillset.
  • CV – This section is like any other online profile so ensure that all your professional details are complete, including academic qualifications, work experience and volunteer work, in great detail. 
  • Video CV – You can create a personal video CV. Catch the recruiter’s eye by showcasing your personality. It is free, so use your video CV as a pitch stating why you would be the best fit for the job: 
  • Make a great first impression – Dress appropriately and show off your personality
  • Be innovative and concise – Think differently. Avoid starting the video with “Hi, I am…and this is…”. Showcase your work experience by doing a task 
  • Get feedback – Don’t settle for your first recording. Give it at least three takes then review it, ask for feedback before submitting the final video 
  • Document – You can use this section to upload all your documents. As your profile is backed by blockchain technology, you can be confident knowing that your data is safe.
  • Feedback – You can request recommendations from users via the SkillPass to vouch for your skills and competency. Find the expert, select the student/work relationship and request a recommendation.
  • Generate my PDF CV – Choose from a range of professional templates to create your CV with a click of a button. You can apply for different jobs with different CVs. By tailoring your CV to match the job you’re applying for, you increase your chance of getting through to the next stage of the recruitment process. 

Bonus Tips:

Grammar check – It is the oldest advice in the book. Hiring managers immediately disqualify resumes because of grammatical mistakes or typos. This is why proof-reading is very important. Request a peer, colleague or mentor to run through your SkillPass. It is possible that you are missing something important or that you are including some unnecessary information.

Professional photo – While creating a SkillPass, it is required to have a profile picture. While setting one, be mindful of the following: 

  • The photo should be shot in formal attire. 
  • Ensure that the background is clear.
  • Avoid selfies.
  • The face should be clearly visible and well lit.
  • Don’t use heavily edited or filtered photos.

Take a step closer to being industry-ready and building your career. Create your SkillPass today!