Certif-ID Presents Skill Pass: Proof of Learning and Development


While we stay indoors, digital certifications could be the ‘silver lining’ in this crisis, to connect, verify and hire experts.

Leveraging networking and online-learning platforms will better prepare us for what is to come. Post the lockdown the economy will need to run at a faster pace. Regardless of the industry or field, recruiters are struggling to find skilled professionals. In an article in Jobbatical, 73% of recruiters said they struggled to find skilled candidates in 2019. Another article on Learning Hub shares similar insights.

There may be many reasons for not finding skilled experts but three major issues are:

Lack of Skills

This can be tackled by expanding one’s knowledge and gaining expertise in a skill.

Lack of Proof of Skill

Besides completing a course, obtaining a certificate that recognises that skill will solve this issue. Qualifications make applicants stand out. It convinces recruiters that they have the necessary skills for a job. Pursuing courses with institutes that offer digital certificates are even better, because they can be verified.

Lack of Visibility

Just having a profile on a social networking site will not cut it anymore. Solving this issue needs candidates to showcase their qualifications and professional development in a verifiable way.

Providing recruiters with an option to verify information on a resume adds credibility. Bringing all this together is Certif-ID.

The future for Certif-ID is brimming with potential.

Certif-ID Tackles the Major Issues Facing Recruiters by Providing a Platform for Individuals to Learn, Gain Digital Certificates and Visibility

Using Certif-ID, individuals can access courses by reputed institutes. The platform provides course recommendations based on interest. The newsfeed and recommendations offer the most up-to-date information about a topic or field. Thereby, helping individuals stay relevant and find success.

Educational institutes using Certif-ID create and send digital certificates to graduates. These certificates are embedded in blockchain technology, removing any question of fraud. The certificates contain QR codes and links that can be verified. So, anyone with access to a certificate can click on the links or scan the code to track it back to its source. This removes any doubts on whether the institute, course or certification program is legitimate.

Apart from signing up for courses and gaining digital certificates, individuals can build a Skill Pass.

What is Skill Pass and How is it Proof of Skill?

To know about driving is one thing, but to drive is entirely different. Likewise, you can read about Skill Pass but you can easily experience it first-hand. Try it here, make a profile and start building your Skill Pass.

Certif-ID is not only a networking platform but a dedicated skills community. The platform is skills-driven. It is designed to provide equal opportunities to skilled professionals via Skill Pass.

The Skill Pass provides a comprehensive view of a person’s academic and professional qualifications such as:

  • Certificates – highlighting skills and competencies 
  • Video CV – showcasing personality and commitment
  • Europass CV – appealing to companies in the EU countries
  • Documents – like a cover letter, work samples, experience certificates and more
  • Feedback – showcasing recommendations received from colleagues, teammates and others
  • Skills – emphasising key skills and grab attention

The Skill Pass indicates an individual’s growth and improves career planning. When shared with recruiters, the records can be effortlessly viewed and verified instantly. It enables individuals to be organised while sharing vital information that recruiters seek.

The future demands highly skilled professionals and a proven industry-leading approach. Skill Pass is a simple tool with a big impact. 

What are you waiting for? Visit Certif-ID and begin to build your Skill Pass today! As an educator, if you need more information on how to benefit from Certif-ID and the Skill Pass for your students, feel free to chat with us. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.