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Redefining Workforce Development: How Digital Badges Motivate And Engage Learners

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Want your organisation’s workforce development program to perform better? A recent study1 shows that employee motivation can increase their performance by 20%, and this could be an effective strategy when it comes to employee training. In today’s competitive environment, organisations must use every tool in their arsenal to succeed. One way to do this is by implementing digital badges in their workforce development programs to motivate and engage learners. 

From increasing the efficiency of employee training to turning workplace development into an engaging activity, digital badges offer a wide range of benefits to both organisations and their employees. In this blog, learn how digital badges can help motivate and engage learners in your organisation.

1. Improves recognition and validation

Providing appropriate recognition to your employees to give them a sense of validation can go a long way in improving the workplace environment. According to a study by Mercer2, 85% of HR leaders say that providing due recognition to employees can improve overall organisational culture. Digital badges, which act as tangible proof of an accomplishment, help validate the achievements made by the learners. This recognition is a powerful motivator for learners to perform better in workforce development programs.

2. Provides opportunities for gamification

Digital badges, by their very nature, are intrinsically linked to the concept of gamification. They are a powerful tool to infuse elements of competition and engagement into your organisation’s workforce development program. Gamification techniques have already proven to be effective tools to increase productivity and engagement in organisations by 90% and 48%, respectively3. Providing the same effect to your organisation’s workforce development program will only result in greater effectiveness.

3. Helps in tracking progress

When it comes to any learning program, it is necessary to provide all participants with the means to track their progress. By providing all learners with a visual representation of their progress, digital badges act as an incredible tool to track their progress.  The visual feedback provided by incorporating digital badges allows employees to set goals and monitor their advancement, helping them create a roadmap for their journey in the workforce development program. 

One benefit of using digital badges to track progress is improved engagement, as learners can compare their progress with coworkers. The other benefit is that they will be motivated to perform better once they have set clear goals, as goal setting is scientifically proven to increase motivation4.

4. Increases social recognition

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, after individuals achieve basic physiological and safety needs, social status and self-esteem are what motivate them to improve themselves. In today’s digital age, it is social media that plays a large role in providing social status and personal validation. Therefore, implementing digital badges in your organisation’s workforce development program will provide an additional layer of motivation as digital badges can be shared on social media effortlessly.

5. Helps in social branding activities

Sharing digital badges on social media goes beyond earning social recognition for employees. Each time an employee shares a digital badge they earned online, they are displaying an organisation’s willingness to invest in the professional development of their employees. This is a form of social branding, with the employees taking an active role in promoting the organisation’s brand value. Playing such an active role in the marketing efforts of an organisation directly boosts employee engagement, helping them stay motivated towards earning more digital badges through workforce development programs.

6. Builds a learning community

Implementing digital badges into your organisation’s workforce development program gives your employees an opportunity to build a community focused on learning and self-improvement. This shared pursuit of digital badges can also foster a sense of friendly competition among learners. In this way, learners can motivate and provide support to each other, greatly improving employee engagement. 

7. Provides opportunities for professional development

According to the Training Industry Report by Research.com5, 94% of employees expressed their willingness to stay employed at organisations willing to invest in their professional development. By incorporating digital badges into their workforce development program, organisations can display their willingness to invest in the professional development of their employees and promote loyalty among their employees.

Digital Badges: An Easy Way To Motivate And Engage Learners

Digital badges are an incredibly powerful tool to motivate and engage learners. By providing employees with opportunities to perform more effectively in your organisation’s workforce development programs, digital badges have proven to be a necessary tool to enhance employee training. To make the best use of digital badges in your organisation, choose the perfect partner when selecting digital badge platforms. CredSure offers the perfect platform for issuing badges for learning. Make the choice today and redefine your workforce development program!

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