Pratap University Partners with CredSure Pioneering the Way for Digital Certification

PR_Pratap Partner with CredSure

Pratap University set out with a mission to provide quality education to the world’s youth. The university recently partnered with CredSure to effectively issue digital certificates for their students, which could be instantly verifiable. Besides, the partnership enabled the university to become technologically advanced in many ways.

Pratap University found it challenging to issue paper certificates and mark sheets because they could be easily tampered with. The need for digital interactions instead of physical became more desirable. Hence, there was an arising need for digital certification.

CredSure offered an end-to-end solution to the university in terms of tamper-proof blockchain-powered certificates that could be verified easily without any human intervention. The digital certification process was made easy with their easy-to-work dashboard, which saves their data in one place and allows them to automate their entire certificate issuance process.

Speaking of the partnership, Dr Abhay, Vice Chancellor of Pratap University, said,

“We are extremely enthusiastic about our partnership with CredSure. We have wanted to automate our process of issuing certificates, and CredSure has provided us with the means to do that.”

The benefits of this new partnership include —

  • Pratap University could issue over 700 certificates accurately in one go
  • Certificate analytics are saved in the dashboard, which provides a quick, efficient analysis course, batch and student-wise data
  • Trust, transparency, and visibility for the candidates that receive easily verifiable certificates
  • The University got their certificates designed precisely the way their template had previously looked
  • The Social Engagement metrics help Pratap understand the marketing value generated as a result of digitising their certification

CredSure’s Co-Founder & Managing Director, Tim Miller, commented on the partnership, saying,

“Being able to partner with institutions like Pratap University brings immense benefits for both parties involved. We will change the educational landscape of issuing certifications by making it all digital and easily verifiable for a more efficient and transparent future.”

About Pratap University

Pratap University was founded in 2011 to offer top-notch education to young people worldwide. To change the future of more than 10,000 students, the university has assembled a team of more than 200 highly qualified faculty members from institutions like IITs and IIMs. They provide classes in the following fields — Basic Science & Humanities, Education, Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Information Technology, and Library Science & Mass Communication. The institution has also created a college for Nursing and Paramedicine.

About CredSure

CredSure is a ‘Future of Work’ platform that connects education to employment in the technical skills sector. With a vision to bridge the skills gap, and enable skilled professionals to work wherever there is a demand. The platform provides a digital credentialing solution to enable educators to anchor digital records on the blockchain. Technical professionals can also use CredSure to build a ‘SkillPass’ digital SSI wallet that helps them showcase their skills, build a digital portfolio, record video CVs, and share their certificates with potential employers. Connecting key stakeholders in the technical sector, CredSure focuses on streamlining the sourcing process, and bridging the skills gap between education and employment while establishing trust and transparency.

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