Modular Courses to Bridge the Skills Gap

Modular Courses to Bridge the Skills Gap

Modular courses or short term courses focus on teaching specific skills while driving continuous learning. Broken into smaller units, they are short and targeted. Beginner or expert, game development or management, modular courses cater to all levels.

Graduates from such short term courses will have an in-depth understanding of the topic. And, the advantage for companies is that they can assess and hire an employee based on his/her skills. This will not only ensure a person’s potential but also their learning interest.

The training programs that take the modular route allows students to master one subject, at a time, and increases their chances of finding success.  

For example, a ‘Big Data – Hadoop Developer’ course:

Conducted only on weekends, it spans for 4-8 weeks and 3-6 hours per day. 

  • Prerequisites: Java programming, RDBMS and SQL
  • Learning: Concepts of the Hadoop framework, Spark SQL, Graphx and more
  • Outcome: Learn a tool designed to handle big data

With set prerequisites and outcome, this short term course will train learners about the core features of the Hadoop ecosystem. Such focused training will make it easier for individuals to apply their understanding of the core applications of Hadoop in real business scenarios.

So, a Java developer can gain Big Data Analytics skills in a few weeks and apply it to improve his/her performance. 

Why Offer Modular Courses?

  • Self-paced, e-learning or on-site courses create opportunities.
  • Organisations can aim to upskill their employees in various emerging technologies fields.
  • Recruiters can reduce the effort spent on searching for new talent and tackle the shortage of skilled workers.

Retaining is effective!

Amazon to spend $700 million over the next six years to upskill and retain its employees.

  • Workers can upskill/reskill and shift into technical and non-technical roles across a company.
  • Employees will feel be more productive, feel engaged and valued.

Modular courses can help expand a team’s skills set or boost an individual’s CV. 

We at CredSure believe that modular or short term courses can help address the digital skills gap. Our blockchain-powered platform is levelling the field for educational institutes, students, working professionals and recruiters.

Bringing forth trust and transparency, the platform allows: 

– Institutes to list courses, create batches and issue blockchain-powered digital certificates

– Individuals to find and apply to courses from reputed institutions  

– Recruiters to source and screen candidates based on the skill/ competency required. 

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