Mission CredSure: Strengthening the Bonds Between Educational Institutions, Skills, and Employment

Mission CredSure: Strengthening the Bonds Between Educational Institutions, Skills, and Employment

CredSure’s mission is to be ‘the’ dedicated skills community. We are improving trust and transparency in the education and employment sectors. And we’re doing this using secure blockchain technology.

CredSure is a blockchain-powered global networking platform connecting:

  • education institutions
  • professionals
  • recruiters

Why we Need CredSure?

The conditions that mean the time is right for the CredSure platform, include:

  • students graduating without the right skills, so risking unemployment
  • diminishing standards of monitoring and accountability in educational institutions
  • generic degrees and awards that don’t focus on the need for niche skillsets
  • a shortage of skilled workers leading to a rise in number of people being hired with the wrong skills

And here are some statistics from the industry: 

  • UNICEF: “By 2030, half of South Asian youth will not be able to find a decent job for the lack of skills”
  • Deloitte: “the skills gap in manufacturing may leave 2.4 million positions unfilled between 2018 and 2028”

These are just a few numbers highlighting the current and future state. If you do a Google search, you’ll see many more results on similar lines. 

So, it is in this landscape that CredSure is bringing new opportunities to all. Here are a few:

Levelling the Playing Field

The platform connects educational institutes to students, and in-turn connects students to recruiters. On the platform:

  • Educational Institutions can issue blockchain-anchored digital certificates to candidates
  • Graduates with digital certificates can prove their skills and land a job
  • Recruiters can search for candidates based on competency or skills, and 
  • Verify the digital credentials with a single click from anywhere

CredSure provides greater visibility, transparency and trust. This leads to a greater talent pool, flourishing training institutes and satisfied recruiters.

Supporting Good Decision-Making

CredSure lists reputable educational institutions. Some of which have undergone a quality assessment by verified third-party auditors. So, candidates who are unsure about a course or an institute can check the reviews and make an informed decision. 

This way, irrespective of whether a student will enrol in institutes offering quality education. It avoids the pitfalls of having to choose courses or institutes based on proximity or word of mouth reputation.

Digital Proof of Skills

In a skill-based organisation, employees with diverse skill sets are an asset. But, how can candidates prove their skills in an interview? 

The answer is digital certificates.

Digital certificates powered by blockchain technology are easily verified. The certificate is tamper-proof and can only have one owner. Blockchain allows information to only be distributed and not copied. 

So, when a candidate presents a digital certificate the recruiter can be certain that it is from the specified institution.

Introducing Transparency into the Educational Sector

Blockchain delivers higher levels of transparency – from issuing certificates to verifying them.

When students complete a course with a certified institute they receive a digital certificate. It is directly issued and stored in a wallet inside an individual’s profile. So, there is no room for manipulation between the point of certificate issuance and it being visible to recruiters.

By promoting digital credentials we’re bridging the gap between education and job. We’re lifting educational standards and enabling equal job opportunities for skilled workers globally.

In essence, as a dedicated skills community, we’re:

  • Encouraging educational and training institutes to up their game
  • Empowering students and professionals to learn new skills
  • Equipping graduates with tamper-proof digital certificates
  • Enabling recruiters to hire talent effortlessly

Interested in the Way we’re Digitally Transforming the Education Sector

Please write to us here or schedule a demo of the platform right here.