Microsoft for Startups Program Chooses CredSure

 Microsoft for Startups Program Chooses CredSure

It feels great to be on board with Microsoft for Startups!

We are excited to receive this support in our quest to make CredSure the partner of choice for education institutes, tech professionals and recruitment professionals. As part of this remarkable initiative, CredSure gains access to leading tools and resources. And it will thrive in this entrepreneurial environment.

CredSure is a blockchain-powered hub that is addressing skills development, accessibility, and mobility while bringing transparency and harmonising educational standards. The hub connects tech experts from diverse fields with reputed education and training institutions and potential recruiters. Training institutes on CredSure can create, issue, track and verify digital certificates on blockchain. 

CredSure also brings our next-generation tools, like the Skill Pass, help tech experts build a verifiable digital portfolio. Skills Pass tracks lifelong learning and acts as a secure digital space. Members on CredSure can create Video CVs, Europass CV, connect and share their profiles with recruiters and land jobs that they really want. During this time of contactless learning and teaching, CredSure is offering the tools that help institutes, tech professionals, and recruiters.

CredSure aims to be a pioneer by driving Industry 4.0 in the education sector, providing both the best and most fitting talent for organisations that can truly deliver a social impact. 

“As an active member of this initiative, CredSure aims to grow and continue to maintain an exceptional platform to promote collaboration across local and global skills ecosystem. The program will not only benefit us as a company but also our users. Our users will stand to gain from wider opportunities,” said Tim Miller, Co-Founder and Managing Director of CredSure International GbR. “With the support and guidance from Microsoft, we will enhance our solution, redefining how education institutions, learners and recruiters connect.” 

Microsoft Global Social Entrepreneurship Program

The Microsoft Global Social Entrepreneurship Program supports startups making a social impact. The support provided is in the form of technology, connections, and grants to encourage startups to grow with a focus on bringing their vision to life. This initiative by Microsoft welcomes applications from across the world-54 regions worldwide and is available in 140 countries. 

CredSure will Benefit from Being Part of this Program beacause it Provides:

  • Azure Cloud – giving the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your preferred tools
  • Improved teamwork and knowledge due to numerous resources including, webinars, talks, and free courses made available by Microsoft 
  • Access to Microsoft partner network for collaboration and networking 
  • Combined efforts to reach a global audience. Microsoft extends its own sales team to promote and sell partners’ technology solutions
  • Exposure to local networking and community events that feature Microsoft executives and business experts

“Microsoft for Startups program selecting CredSure is a resounding acknowledgment of both our quality and potential. And, we look forward to being backed by Microsoft’s network to accelerate our growth,” says Director, Michael Wild.