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Meet Certif-ID at OCCE Mumbai and IPTC Saudi 2020

Meet CredSure at OCCE Mumbai and IPTC Saudi 2020

You’re invited to meet Certif-ID between January 6-8th at the Open Conference on Computers in Education (OCCE) in Mumbai. And, January 13-15th at The International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) in Saudi Arabia. We look forward to meeting vocational/technical training and educational institutions, and individuals in the education and technical sector there!

Experience our global networking platform, powered by blockchain, first-hand. We have designed the platform to optimise administrative tasks for educational institutions. Provide verifiable digital profiles for students/professionals and support recruiters in hiring top talent. Our innovate solution is targeted to bridge the gap between skills and employment.

Leading the digital certification revolution, our showcase this year will be packed with information and opportunities to explore new solutions. Here are some of the most interesting developments you can experience:

Digital Certification Anchored in Blockchain

Educational institutions can issue digital certificates directly into a graduate’s profile (Certification Wallet) on the Certif-ID platform. 

A digital certificate creates an unchangeable link between a candidate’s academic achievements and the corresponding credentials. This removes the possibility of counterfeiting or tampering with them.

The Certification Wallet acts as a secure digital space to store all academic credentials. Accessing this digital space, individuals can easily share their digital credentials with potential employers. 

Having a verifiable certificate individual’s can showcase your skills and prove it.

Benefits For Educational Institutions:

  • Issue blockchain-powered digital certificates
  • Enable secure tracking and verification of certificates
  • Gain global visibility and international recognition
  • Simplify student recruitment and certification processes
  • Attract student and increase placement opportunities

Benefits For Individuals:

Candidates can sign up to Certif-ID. Individuals graduating from these institutes will have the opportunity to be part of a global network and:

  • Build a profile to showcase their skills
  • Stay up-to-date on industry trends and upskill or reskill with little effort
  • Gain a globally recognised digital certificate anchored in blockchain
  • Explore new career paths or even countries

As for recruiters, candidate screening becomes easy. The platform allows them to filter candidates based on skill requirements. Candidate verification is simplified too. The employers can verify the candidate’s credentials with a single click, thanks to Certif-ID blockchain verification system. 

“Certif-ID supported us in optimising our processes. And, in issuing digital certificates that cannot be duplicated in the future. This and the global recognition that we’ve received, has helped us in improving our visibility and attracting more students. Certif-ID is genuinely valuable, meeting today’s dynamic market needs,” Ajay Menon, Director of TÜV Rheinland NIFE Academy Pvt. Ltd.

Stop by and take a look at our demos, at OCCE and IPTC 2020. To learn more about how we are connecting stakeholders in education and technical skills sector, please email us here.