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CredSure Discovery is a leading on-demand digital learning platform designed to help you learn new skills at your own pace.

You can search for courses based on your interests, register and prepare for online classes. It is that simple!

CredSure Discovery offers thousands of courses, with new ones being added all the time. Courses are taught by world-class industry professionals. And while you’re learning, if you have questions, you can ask the expert coaches directly.

Sounds good? Let us dive a little deeper.

  • If we look at the usual scenario: people obtain a diploma or professional degree and find a job based on it. After the initial few years of working, they soon realize that their skills are outdated. And to climb the professional ladder, they need to upskill. 
  • Now, a smart scenario: is one where people realise that skills learnt during college or university will need to be built on and further developed continuously. When and how to upskill or reskill is dependent on multiple factors including industry demands, technological changes and desired career path, among others.

Looking at these two scenarios, a natural next step is to keep a lookout for opportunities to better yourself and confidently move up the corporate ladder.

Learn The Skills To Advance Your Career With Confidence

As there is no single course that’ll equip you to meet all the required professional goals. Choosing to build the necessary skills along the way is the smart choice. 

Whether you are studying, in-between jobs or currently working, taking up courses like soft-skills, communication skills, foreign languages, or any other skills that you need to perform your job well will all contribute to your professional success.

To do this, you could either take a break from your work, or you could continue to work and learn new skills online through CredSure Discovery. 

Explore 1000S of Courses on CredSure Discovery

  • You can learn anything from Microsoft Excel or Office skills to workplace safety practices.
  • Choose courses from various industries and sectors including, automotive, healthcare, construction, and nursing sectors.
  • Use CredSure Discovery’s curated learning pathways to go one-up on the professional front. 

The Two Big Benefits For Enrolling in CredSure Discovery Courses

1. Access to world-class courses which are industry relevant. While learning if you have questions, you can connect with and ask industry experts or coaches. 

For example, if you are taking a health and safety course. You can reach out to Professor Dave Napier, an instructor from TÜV Rheinland UK. He has over ten years of experience in managing global and regional multi-channel company HSE (Health, Safety and Environment). 

For questions about quality management practices, you can connect with Professor Richard Feng from TÜV Rheinland (Shanghai). He brings expert knowledge and skills related to world-class quality management practices.

2. You can learn anytime, anywhere. The CredSure Discovery portal is easy to access. Courses are curated in such a way that they are broken down into small, bite-size videos. You can watch them anytime at your convenience, and choose to study at a pace which suits you best. What’s more is that the CredSure Discovery app is now available on Android and iOS.

Now’s Your Chance To Earn Blockchain-Based Digital Certificates

When you enroll and complete a TÜV Rheinland course, you will receive a course completion certificate from a German company. The certificate you will receive is on blockchain. It will have a unique QR code and URL. 

If you are wondering what use is this QR code and a unique URL? Well, it will give you the opportunity to prove your skill to a future recruiter. How? When TÜV Rheinland will issue you a blockchain-based digital certificate, an unalterable link will be created between the institute and your certificate.

When you share this certificate with potential employers or higher education institutions, they can verify your digital certificate instantly by scanning the QR code or clicking on the URL. This will position you above other candidates and give you an unprecedented chance to prove your skills.

Those who have used CredSure Discovery have said that it is a comprehensive, simple-to-use platform that can help you take charge of your career. 

There is only one way to find out. Try it!

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