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How To Manage And Share Your Digital Credentials

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Digital credentials are becoming an increasingly useful tool to move forward in the professional environment. For professionals seeking to climb higher in the corporate ladder, it is necessary to understand the many benefits of digital badges and learn how to manage them.

Why Should You Use Digital Credentials?

Before learning how to manage your digital credentials, it is essential to understand why you should manage them. Digital credentials offer many benefits to an individual, such as:

Enhanced Security

Digital credentials use encryption and cryptographic techniques to secure the information they contain, making them less vulnerable to tampering than traditional certificates.

Easy Verification

Any individual or organisation with access to the unique ID of a digital credential can verify its authenticity through a single click.

Portability & Accessibility

Since digital credentials do not occupy a physical space, they can be stored on digital wallets, cloud-based storage or dedicated credentialing apps, making them accessible to an individual from anywhere across the world.

Social Sharing

As they are stored digitally, digital credentials can be shared electronically through email or social media.

Granular Recognition

Digital credentials can enable granular recognition of skills and achievements through micro-credentials.

For a more comprehensive understanding of digital credentials, take a look at our detailed guide to Digital Credentials. The next step after understanding why you should manage your digital credentials is to learn how to manage them. 

Receiving your credentials is only the first step in your digital credentialing journey. To effectively use digital credentials to move forward in your career, you will need to organise, manage and share your digital credentials. Read ahead to learn how to manage and share your digital credentials with this simple guide!

How Can You Access Your Digital Credentials?

The first step in managing your digital credential is accessing the public verifier page unique to that credential. Once you have completed the required course or program, you will receive an email with a link to access your digital credential along with a PDF copy of the same.

Screenshot of recipient email

Once you click on “View Credential”, the browser will take you to the public verifier page. On this web page, you can view information about the credential, which includes the following: 

  • Name of the recipient
  • Name of the course/program
  • Name of the issuing organisation
  • Date of issue
Screenshot of public verifier page for managing digital credentials

The viewer can also access detailed information about the digital credential on this webpage. The issuing organisation provides this information and may contain information about the course or program along with a link to access the organisation’s website. 

Furthermore, this public verifier page provides a function that allows the viewer to verify the authenticity of the digital credential through the information distributed on the blockchain.

Screenshot of verification process of digital credentials

How to Manage Your Digital Credentials

The best way to manage your digital credentials, particularly when you have multiple ones, is through a dedicated wallet. CredSure provides each recipient access to a digital wallet built specifically to manage and share your digital credentials.

Screenshot of how to manage digital credentials using wallet

Adding your digital credentials to your LinkedIn profile is also a valid method to display all your digital credentials in a single location. But to manage and organise your digital credentials, it is recommended to use a dedicated wallet built for the specific purpose.

How to Share Your Digital Credentials

Sharing your digital credentials has many benefits, including showcasing your achievements to your network and letting potential employers assess your skills. You can share digital credentials issued through CredSure’s platform in three ways.

1. Direct Share From Public Verifier Page

Screenshot of how to share digital credential from public verifier page

This will allow you to share your digital credentials with a single click across all popular social media platforms, including Linkedin, Facebook and X, formerly known as Twitter.

2. Share From Online Profile

Another way to share your digital credentials is through your SkillPass profile. This will allow you to share multiple digital credentials at the same time while also allowing potential employers who see this to gain a holistic understanding of your skillset.

3. Embed In Resume

The third way to share your digital credentials is to embed the link for the unique public verifier page or the QR code into your resume.

Effectively managing and sharing your digital credentials is a necessary step in navigating the credentialing world in the digital age. And a functional platform for managing your digital credentials is vital to progress in your career. If you are looking for a platform to manage and share your digital credentials, check out CredSure today!