How To Increase Website Traffic With Digital Certificates

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Increasing website traffic is a necessity for any business or organisation in the current world.  This is true even for educational institutions as the world moves towards online learning.  With the rise of online learning, which grew by 900% in the last two decades1, competition in the educational sector is at an all-time high. How can your institution stay on top when the competition is ever-growing?

The answer is closer than you might expect. For educational institutions, the biggest source of branding is none other than its students. With social media and other avenues available for showcasing achievements, the digital certificates you issue can become one of the biggest tools available to drive website traffic. How? Take a look below.

How Digital Certificates Drive Website Traffic

1. They Improve Brand Visibility

Your digital certificates carry your brand name. Whenever someone sees a digital certificate you issue, they see the name of your institution and get a general idea of what you offer to your learners. So, they become more likely to visit your website if they are looking for a similar learning program.

2. They Are Shareable

Digital certificates are easily shareable across the internet. When your learners receive their certificates, they usually share them online through many platforms, including social media. This is a free promotion for your institution. 

Knowing that digital certificates can drive traffic to your institution’s website is only half the battle. Here are a few strategies on how to use them to increase traffic to your website.

How To Increase Website Traffic With Digital Certificates

1. Encourage Social Sharing

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Giving your learners the opportunity to share their digital certificates is just the first step to driving website traffic. To maximise the chances of the digital certificates you issue being shared online, follow these tips: 

  • Use pop-ups and prompts on your website or LMS (Learning Management System) to encourage social sharing

  • If your LMS uses a point system, give out points for each digital certificate shared online

  • Ensure that one-click sharing for different social media platforms is available

The goal here is to convince your learners that sharing their digital certificates on social media is beneficial to them. Once they are shared on social media, your digital certificates should have the ability to attract visitors to your website. That’s where the next tip becomes useful.

2. Make Your Digital Certificates Visually Appealing

A screenshot of a visually appealing digital certificate

Ensuring that the digital certificates issued by your institution are visually appealing has many benefits. One, they represent your institution, hence they are a reflection of your brand. The more visually appealing they are, the higher the chances of others finding your brand attractive. 

The other benefit of ensuring that the digital certificates issued by your institution are visually appealing is that it will encourage your learners to share them on social media. Ensuring that the colour palettes, fonts, and any imagery used go well with popular social media platforms is necessary to maximise the visual appeal of your digital certificates.

The ultimate goal of encouraging your learners to share their digital certificates is to increase website traffic to your learning programs. To maximise the traffic to your website, follow these tips: 

  • Add a default text to the “share online” option with a link to your website. This will show up under the digital certificate when it is shared on social media

  • On the public verifier page of the digital certificate, provide a link to your website in an easily visible area

  • Provide links to your learning programs on the public verifier page

  • If there is no catalogue of the learning programs provided by your institution, create one and add a link on the public verifier page

  • If possible, host the digital certificate on the same domain as your website, ensuring that easy navigation to your website is possible

Just as important as it is to drive traffic to your institution’s website, it is necessary to do the same to its social media profiles. 

Social media is a great tool to provide information in a fun and engaging way to curious visitors. It is also an effective tool to drive traffic to your website through engaging social media posts. 

By providing links to your institution’s social media profiles, you can increase engagement with your audience and drive traffic to your website.

CredSure: Redefining The Future Of Digital Credentials

Digital certificates are a great tool to market your institution. They are a visual representation of the benefits it can provide to your learners. They are also a great promotional material that can attract new learners to your learning programs. 

As the digital age transforms and the competition on the internet increases at an incredible rate, any tool that can increase website traffic is a boon. 

As one of the leading platforms for issuing digital certificates, CredSure recognises the impact of digital certificates on website traffic. The digital certificates issued by CredSure are visually appealing and can be shared on social media with a single click. 

The public verifier page of the certificates issued with the help of CredSure is completely customisable. Your institution can use personalised branding, add a detailed description of the course and include links to your website and learning programs. 

CredSure can help your institution enhance its learning programs with blockchain-anchored tamper-proof digital certificates that can also drive website traffic.

To know more about issuing digital certificates with CredSure, book a demo today!


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