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How To Add Digital Badges To Your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn is the premier social networking platform for working professionals. Due to its popularity among professionals and organisations, it is an excellent platform for individuals to showcase their skills and expertise to potential employers. One of the effective means to do this is by adding digital badges to their LinkedIn profile.

The immense popularity of LinkedIn makes it the ideal platform to find skilled employees. The challenge here is to find an employee with the right skills and expertise among thousands of profiles reporting similar skills. 

For recruiters, this means going through the lengthy profile of hundreds or thousands of potential employees. For individuals seeking employment, this means convincing potential employers to choose them from among thousands of profiles that fit their needs. 

This is where digital badges can make a difference. Digital badges are verified proof of skill or competency. When added to your LinkedIn profile, it will showcase your skills and competencies to your potential employers. 

Digital badges help recruiters identify the skills and expertise of potential employees without going through their entire profile, saving time and effort. As digital badges are verified proof of skill, recruiters can rest easy knowing the authenticity of skills reported is accurate. 

With digital badges providing such an advantage, adding them to your LinkedIn profile is an ideal choice. Read ahead to learn how to add digital badges to your LinkedIn profile and stand out from your competitors. 

Add Digital Badges To LinkedIn In 3 Steps

1. Select “Add Profile Section” From The Profile Page

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To add your digital badges to your LinkedIn profile, the first step requires you to visit the “Profile” page from your LinkedIn Home page. Once on the profile page, you will find the “Add profile section” button in the topmost section, just below your profile picture. Click on the button to proceed to the next step.

Screenshot for Selecting “Licenses & Certifications” Under “Recommended”

Clicking on the “Add profile section” will open a context menu where you can add information to your profile. In the context menu, under the “Recommended” drop-down option, select “Licenses & Certifications”. It is recommended to have all the necessary information about your digital badge at hand before moving on to the next step.

3. Fill In Credential Information

Screenshot for Filling In Credential Information

Fill in all the information about the digital badge you want to add to your LinkedIn profile. This information can be found on the public verifier page of your digital badge, your digital credential wallet or in the email sent to you by the credential issuing authority. 

Additionally, you can add any skills verified by this digital badge in the section below. This will add these skills to your LinkedIn profile in addition to the digital badge. Once you are finished, click “Save”. 

Once you have added your digital badges to your LinkedIn profile, you will have the option to make these digital badges visible to users visiting your profile. This will help you stand out from the competition and help potential employers select you for the right position based on the digital badges you have displayed.

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