Find Skilled Corporate Trainers Backed by Digital Certification

Find Skilled Corporate Trainers Backed by Digital Certification With CredSure

Companies hire people every day who are ready to get started and prove themselves. But where do you or the new hires start? Usually, you set a plan of action, guiding the new hires through the company policies, job roles, and more. Not only do the new hires have to learn the ropes of their new positions but they also have to find ways to thrive in them.

Apart from training new hires, you are responsible for training your existing employees. Training may range from informal sessions on workplace safety to accredited professional qualifications. And to conduct these sessions you bring specialists or training providers to achieve specific goals. Specialists skilled in developing and facilitating training programs.

Technology has disrupted processes and blurred industry lines. Companies that were focused on one sector are now diversifying. For example, Amazon started off as an online book library. It has now diversified into cloud services, logistics, on-demand video streaming, smart home devices, and more.

Such growth has created a need for professionals to be cross-trained in multiple areas. This only puts more pressure on you. First to identify the employees to be trained and then identify specialists to train them. In an effort to meet diversification needs, you will have to provide your employees with the right exposure and skills.

 You get it. To advance your current and up-and-coming workforce training is essential.

Now, a question that may come up is – how will I identify skilled corporate trainers? Before hiring a trainer, some of the things you will look for are:

  • Hands-on experience in the industry
  • Aptitude to create programs and deliver sessions
  • Good communication skills
  • Observational and analytical skills
  • Speciality digital certifications

In addition to imparting knowledge about process and techniques, they will also have to instill skills like:

  • Critical reasoning
  • Collaboration
  • Problem-solving
  • Leadership and more

Developing people with key skills and inspiring them to take on new challenges can be hard.

You are looking for someone who will focus on the career development of your people while helping your business make more money. And your job can be made easier by identifying corporate trainers with digital certifications.

Digital certifications are a means of recognizing and evaluating individuals. It adds credibility and demonstrates if the person has the knowledge to meet training requirements and expectations.

A search on social media channels or platforms like LinkedIn and Naukri can help you find trainers with certification. A smarter way would be to expand your sourcing kit. Explore new-age apps and tools designed to improve sourcing productivity.

36% of HR departments blame insufficient technology for their inability to automate and better organize onboarding programs, further inhibiting their ability to provide proper onboarding.

This is where CredSure, a platform built on blockchain technology, comes into play. It connects individuals with recruiters and educational institutes.

On the platform, you can create a profile, list jobs, and receive applications. Or you can find potential candidates by searching for them using the skills required. For example, if you are conducting a self-defense session for your employees and are looking for a trainer. By typing in self-defense in the search bar, you will receive search results with potential candidates having digital certifications.

What’s More? Blockchain Certificate Verification.

Apart from the skills-driven search feature, CredSure enables educators to issue graduates with digital certificates. Blockchain certificate verification allows you to click on the links in a certificate and authenticate its source, credibility, validity, and more. Thereby, saving time spent on background checks and references.

Take advantage of application-driven platforms like CredSure to tackle the recruitment challenges you face and strengthen the entire recruitment process.

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