The Next Big Leap for Educational Institutes – Automation

The Next Big Leap for Educational Institutes - Automation

Managing a successful educational institutes takes a lot of resources, time and effort. 

In most cases, manual workflows are the go-to solution. Some of the administrative processes or divisions that are a part of workflows include:

  • Student admissions
  • Scholarships
  • HR and staffing
  • Employee payroll
  • Placement support

With several tasks to manage, educational institutes are turning towards technology and automation. 

Usually, institutions adopt an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tool to automate their tasks. ERP software help in storing and tracking student registrations, attendance, grades and more. The data gathered from the ERP is then relayed to the respective departments. Thus, removing many manual administrative processes for both students and staff.

So, automation tools that streamline administrative processes are not new. But, at CredSure we are urging institutes to take the next big step towards automation.

Before we go into the process of ‘how and why,’ let’s first look at CredSure. 

CredSure is a networking platform built on blockchain, connecting educational institutions, students and recruiters.

Built on blockchain technology, CredSure is assisting institutions to simplify administrative processes. 

Simplifying administrative processes = Automation 

Automation = Increased Productivity + Better Performance

What’s more, CredSure optimises and brings transparency to day-to-day processes. Also, it helps in breaking down barriers and connecting individuals to opportunities globally.

How is CredSure Driving Automation

  • Automating student onboarding and course listing

Educational and training institutes can sign up on CredSure for free. The platform allossws them to list courses and create batches in a few steps. The assigned staff can access the platform and manage batches and add or remove courses. Educational institutes can further utilise the platform to issue digital certificates

The digital certificates issued on CredSure is different because it is issued on blockchain. The institutes can securely issue, revoke or reissue the certificate with ease. 

CredSure creates a direct link between educational bodies and students. Thereby, reducing the layers of bureaucracy involved between them. Overall, the solutions offered on CredSure optimises student onboarding and improves their experience. 

  • Bringing transparency to the certification process

A documentary by Al Jazeera reports that many professionals in Malaysia have fake degrees. But, this problem is not limited to Malaysia alone, but a global occurrence. Whether it is fake certificates or degrees, the evils plaguing the education sector are many. 

This is where CredSure is making a difference. 

Our blockchain-powered certification process introduces greater trust and security in the entire process. On the platform, institutions can directly issue a certificate into a candidate’s profile. 

The digital certificates are powered by blockchain. Thus, creating links that cannot be altered between the institution issuing the certificate and the candidate receiving it.

  • Streamlining the placement process

While registering for a course, an important aspect that students look for is placement assistance. 

Institutes that offer industry-led courses and certificates via the platform have an edge. The CredSure platform is skill-driven. It allows recruiters to look for candidates based on competency or skill required. Through this process, CredSure is simplifying the arduous task screening and sourcing individuals.

For starters, recruiters go through hundreds of resumes to fill one vacant position. Post which, they have to verify candidates’ credentials and level of skill. 

The Certif-Id process not only simplifies the placement process but also background checks. The automated process allows recruiters to search for candidates based on skill. They can then verify their credentials or digital records and make an informed decision. 

Automation is the key to more effective workflows in the educational sector. The real value lies in establishing trust and transparency. 

At CredSure, we aim to harmonise administrative processes between education and training institutions, students and recruiters. And, that technologies like Blockchain are key to envisioning the success of all stakeholders. 

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