Educational Certificates Just Got Smarter

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Educational certificates are more than documents proving the educational qualifications of an individual. They are a key that opens the doorway to the professional world and allows one to pursue the career of their choice.

Educational certificates are an incredibly useful tool for any professional to advance in their careers. However, as useful as they are, they have their own limitations, for example, a weakness to forgery or the difficulty of verification.

However, that is changing with modern technology like Blockchain paving the way. Educational certificates are going through a transformation. No more will they have their previous limitations as they transition to digital certificates.

Digital certificates are now the future of educational certification. With new features and added benefits, digital certificates are helping to transform educational certificates into a smarter version of themselves. This article will explore the benefits of digital certificates and why you should adopt them to enhance your learning programs.

What Are Digital Certificates?

A digital certificate is a document in an electronic format recognising a skill or achievement. They have a public key that is used to validate the authenticity of the certificate by verifying it against a database.

Digital certificates can be shared effortlessly while maintaining their authenticity. They are safer, more convenient and easily accessible.

They can be used in different settings. For example, they are used as an alternative to paper certificates issued by educational institutions or as proof of achievement made by an employee in an organisation.

How they work can change depending on the setting they are used in. In this article, let’s take a look at how they work for institutions.

How Do Digital Certificates Work?


Your institution can issue them in place of traditional educational certificates or as a digital version of the same without being a replacement. This can be done manually by your institution, automated through your LMS or by partnering with a credentialing platform like CredSure.


Once the digital certificate is issued, the recipient will receive it in their email, along with an offline copy of the certificate if your institution wills it. This copy can either be an image or a document.

The actual digital certificate can be accessed through the link provided or by scanning the QR code in the offline copy. This will take the recipient to the public verifier page, where your institution can provide detailed information about the educational certificate.

An example of an educational certificate

Display And Sharing

Once the recipient has received the digital certificate, it can be shared on social media. For the sake of convenience, CredSure’s digital certificates come with a one-click share option for multiple social media platforms.

Sharing a digital certificate on social media

Your learners can also display them in digital credential wallets or online job profiles like SkillPass, and make them visible to future employers.

The SkillPass profile offered by CredSure


When the digital certificates are shared with an employer, they can click the link provided or scan the QR code to visit the public verifier page. Here, they can validate the authenticity of the digital certificate by verifying it against the information anchored on the Blockchain.

CredSure’s digital certificates will also enable the viewers to verify the ownership of the digital certificate by validating the phone number/email address of the recipient.

Verifying a digital educational certificate

This will ensure that the educational certificates issued by your institution will always be authentic and resistant to forgery.

Maintaining authenticity is only one of the benefits of educational certificates going digital. There are numerous ways digital educational certificates can benefit your institution and empower your learners. Take a look below for some of these benefits.

Benefits Of Digital Educational Certificates


One of the characteristics of being Blockchain-anchored is immutability. Once an educational certificate is anchored on the Blockchain, it becomes immune to any tampering or alterations. This means that every certificate issued by your institution will be resistant to any fraudulent alterations or misrepresentations.

Instant Verification

Another benefit of being Blockchain-anchored is the ease of verification. Unlike traditional paper certificates, which require a lengthy process to verify their authenticity, digital certificates can be verified from any place at any time. Since the information about the certificate is anchored on the blockchain, it becomes possible for anyone to verify the authenticity with a single click.

Global Accessibility

Digital certificates, due to their electronic nature, can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. They can be stored on any device or on the cloud, viewed from anywhere, and shared through a multitude of platforms, including email, social media, and instant messaging.

This accessibility will enable your learners to easily share their credentials with future employers and give them a competitive edge in the hiring process.

Storage And Backup

Educational certificates are incredibly important because they represent the completion of a resource-intensive course or program. That’s why it is necessary to store them in a secure location to prevent theft or loss. However, digital certificates do not have this issue.

Due to their nature, there is no distinction between an original and a duplicate. They can be duplicated endlessly and stored in multiple devices or locations. As long as one has the link to the certificate, they will have access to it.


The easily shareable nature of digital certificates has an additional benefit to your institution. They can be used as a marketing tool to increase your brand presence online. When digital certificates are shared online, especially on social media, your institution can increase its visibility and recruit more learners for your learning programs.

Cost Efficiency

The final benefit of going the digital route for your educational certificates is the cost of resources. Unlike traditional paper certificates, which use paper, ink, printing and other logistical services, digital certificates are virtually free to issue.

The Future Of Educational Certificates: Smarter And More Secure

To tackle the ever-evolving digital landscape, one must adapt to new technologies. As employers look for smarter, more efficient ways to bridge the skills gap, it is the duty of educational institutions to give their learners the right tools to succeed.

By adopting digital certificates, your institution is not just making it easy to issue credentials. With digital educational certificates, you empower your learners and help recruiters verify skills more easily.

The digital era is an era of transparency, efficiency and authenticity. By choosing to adopt digital certificates, your institution can rise above the competitors.

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