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Digital Signature Certificates- Empower your Students to Prove their Skills

Digital Signature Certificates- Empower your Students to Prove their Skills

Technical training or educational institutions that issue digital signature certificates will empower their students to get ahead: by being able to prove their skills and achievements in a way employers can trust, students will have an added advantage. 

The Problem: Can Students or Working Professionals Prove Their Skills to Recruiters?

For many parts of life, we need to prove who we are. 

There are all sorts of identification we need to provide on a daily basis:   

  • Usernames and passwords online
  • Loyalty cards in stores
  • Passports and driving licences to get around

But when it comes to getting a job, most people are not able to prove, beyond doubt, that they have the skills they have worked so hard to learn and achieve. In addition, there is a lack of trust from recruiters as they may have come across or heard of fake degree and work experience certificates in their careers.

Jobs in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 – the term used to describe the technological advances that allow machines to be digitally connected to each other, creating and sharing information – is presenting a particular challenge to recruiters.

Artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the internet of things are being adopted by organisations all over the world. And, employers need professionals with a niche set of skills

How can they be confident they are speaking to and recruiting the right people?

The Solution: Blockchain- Powered Digital Signature Certificates

CredSure’s blockchain-powered platform gives educational institutions the ability to effortlessly list courses, create batches and issue digital signature certificates to the graduates and alumni network.

The certificates are verified using blockchain technology which allows digital information to be distributed, but not copied. It only has one owner. So, employers know that any digital certificates presented from graduates from your institution can only have come from you. The records are public and verifiable. Trust is built-in by design.

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