Digital Gurukul Adopts Digital Certificates Placed on Blockchain

Digital Gurukul Augments Certification Process with Blockchain Technology

Recent trends such as programmatic advertising and visual search are increasingly using AI to target and cater to specific audiences. This competitive digital landscape is creating a huge skills gap

A recent report from Hays says that there’s a growing mismatch between candidate skills and job requirements in the marketing profession.

Understanding the demand for digital marketers, Digital Gurukul is leading the way in developing job-ready marketers. And for this, they wanted to implement an integrated solution to grow and engage their students effectively.

Unlike traditional strategies, CredSure delivered a blockchain-powered platform, allowing Digital Gurukul to propel student development: on the devices, platforms, and time schedules that suit their students and prospective recruiters best.

Read the case study to know how CredSure is helping Digital Gurukul to prioritize digital development and technological innovation needed to build resilience and navigate disruption. 

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