Choose the Right Technology to Support Career Mobility

Choose The Right Technology to Support Career Mobility

Employees are expected to deliver results now, more than ever. 

In an interview, Yves Lermusi, Chief Futurist at OutMatch, the leading AI-driven hiring platform, said that only 50% of hires are successful

Employers continuously evaluate whether employees are performing their roles optimally. Whether their existing skills are useful, if not they are laid off.  A recent UiPath surveyed office workers globally, and uncovered that nearly half of them believe that they’ll be out of a job within the next five years as their skills will be outdated.

So, instead of hiring workers and firing them when they’re not meeting your performance requirements, you can consider the approach of upskilling and reskilling them. This way you can help them move up the ladder or across to different teams. 

Track Learning and Support Career Mobility

In a typical workplace, processes such as employee enrollment, training, measuring training effectiveness and certificate issuance take place in silos. Each process happens independently. For example, you have one software to track enrollment, another to track attendance, an excel to record training batches, and many more. 

It would be great if you could track training effectiveness and employee learning progress all in one place – a much-needed collaboration and communication solution between workflows, systems, and apps.

Let’s say you introduce a training program to help your employees gain new skills. Through this, you can retain top talent and promote a healthier workforce. To track the training programs and batches, a platform like CredSure can be of huge help. 

CredSure is powered by blockchain technology. It allows employees to list training programs, track employee enrollments, create and monitor batches and issue digital course completion certificates. 

Just imagine, adding the same data repeatedly on different platforms. It can get a tad bit annoying and is a total waste of time. So, here is a platform that you and your employees can use. It is both effective and engaging. Using CredSure, you can replace manual administrative time-consuming processes with automated ones.

Motivate Employees with New Growth Oppurtunities

One way to aid career mobility is to engage and motivate employees. And what better way to motivate them than to offer digital certificates of achievement and growth opportunities.

The digital certificates that you issue via CredSure are sent to their email IDs and their CredSure profiles known as SkillPass. 

SkillPass is designed to act as a professional skills passport. It is a dynamic profile with amazing features to showcase skills. Your employees can: 

  • create their video CVs,
  • upload their professional documents,
  • learn latest skills by signing up to more courses,
  • add newly earned digital certificates and
  • show off their skills and learning journey

Using SkillPass, they can connect with other industry experts and define their careers.

The digital credentials will act as proof of skills and learning. It can be shared on other social media profiles as well. 

Another important aspect we understand is data privacy. As CredSure is powered by blockchain, all transactions carried on it are traceable and transparent.  Also, it makes it easier to verify the authenticity of digital certificates without having to rely on any intermediates.

CredSure offers Data Analytics

Certainly continuously updating an employee’s skill set will help your company grow. 

But having data insights into:

  • how many courses and certificates are being issued
  • how many employees are undergoing training
  • how many have mastered expert level skills in a certain field, etc., 

can benefit you more. 

The analytics dashboard will provide full visibility of the training and certification ecosystem within your company. Using the CredSure platform will not only standardize and automate processes but can also help you uncover new revenue opportunities. 

What’s more? CredSure is a device-agnostic platform. So anyone with access can log into it from anywhere, at any time. 

CredSure Enables you to Support Career Mobility

We’ve seen how CredSure facilitates employees to enhance their skills to grow further in their careers and employers to train, recognize staff achievement and retain, promote and move employees through the organization.

If you’re interested to know more or see how CredSure works, please write to us here or book a demo. We will be more than happy to walk you through the whole process.