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Certificate Fraud: How to Prevent Unqualified Professionals from Entering the Job Market

Certificate Fraud: How to Prevent Unqualified Professionals

Companies today want to hire the best people to design and develop solutions and services that give them the edge over the competition. So much so that talent acquisition has become a critical business activity. It holds the power to influence the performance of an organisation.

Over the past decade, there have been significant changes in hiring technology. Recruiters use many tools and techniques to screen and evaluate candidates. Especially the authenticity of their educational certificates.

5 Steps to Get the Right Hire

The recruitment team scans hundreds of profiles to fill one vacant position. Then they also carry out stringent background verification checks. It entails everything from education to past work experiences. Here are five steps to hiring candidates with the right skills and experience for the job.

Step 1: Write a clear and concise job description 

This is the best way to deter unqualified candidates from applying. Vague job postings give room for misinterpretation. This may lead the wrong candidate to believe they’re eligible to apply for the job. Mentioning educational qualification, years of experience and skills required, including long-term goals to be accomplished will help candidates make an informed decision before applying for the job. It will also facilitate candidate verification processes.

Step 2: Incorporate customised questions on the online application form

Creating custom online applications with targeted questions will remove unqualified candidates from contention.

Step 3: ‘Phone screen’ applicants before in-person interviews

Begin an interview by screening candidates over a telephonic interview or video-conference.  This’ll help in identifying the candidate’s personality and priority before a formal interview.

Step 4: Utilise new-age tools

Career websites and hiring software offer recruiters many features to shortlist candidates. Utilising such tools can reduce the applicant pool to a manageable level.

Step 5: Weed out unqualified professionals

Certificate fraud, globally, is on the rise. Not vetting and validating applicants’ qualifications will only waste time and money. It will also lead to hiring the wrong person. Candidate verification often gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Even though it is a time-consuming task, prioritising it will yield positive results.

Candidate Verification made Easy

Validating a candidate’s qualification is getting more and more difficult.

However, blockchain-anchored digital certificates are an innovation in the job market, empowering the hiring team to source experts based on competency. 

The Benefits of Blockchain Digital Certificates

Thanks to the distributed ledger nature of blockchain technology. And its ability to track every change or transaction performed. It allows instant verification. A recruiter can click on the links in a digital certificate and authenticate the information and source mentioned.

It reduces recruitment efforts and positions qualified experts with skills needed for the job. It helps companies to avoid the price of unqualified hires and boost the career prospects of certified professionals. Recruiters can keep away from pitfalls and perils of unlicensed apprentices. And, they can hire and stop unqualified professionals entering the job market.

Blockchain verification is the ideal solution for qualification checks. And, it is also a boon for genuinely qualified job seekers. It helps them showcase their qualifications and increases their chances of getting a job. 

CredSure Offers Blockchain Verification

CredSure is a dedicated skills community built on Ethereum blockchain. The platform connects educators, students and professionals and recruiters. 

Educators can create and send digital certificates directly into student profiles or email. These digital certificates can be easily shared with recruiters. 

Recruiters can view the digital certificates and verify the credentials. Also, recruiters can utilise CredSure’s competency-based search feature and screen candidates based on skill. 

CredSure brings a user-friendly technique to verify candidate credentials with a single click. It enables recruiters to reduce and amend candidate acquisition and background verification costs.

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