CredSure Supports UNESCO’S Covid-19 Education Coalition

CredSure Supports UNESCO'S Covid-19 Education Coalition

CredSure International is a proud member of the Global Education Coalition driven by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). 

The Global Education Coalition is a network of partners working towards mitigating the unprecedented disruption to education caused by Covid-19 crisis. And, we aim to harmonise educational standards, amplify credential transparency and connect key stakeholders in the education and employment landscape. 

As a coalition partner, CredSure positions education, technical training institutions and skilled professionals for the future. One way it does this is by enabling institutions to issue verifiable digital certificates on blockchain and the other is by empowering skilled professionals to be able to prove their skills using their digital certificates.

CredSure’s skills network, brings together training institutions, skilled professionals and recruiters. Through the CredSure platform training institutions can issue digital certificates secured on blockchain. Issuing blockchain-anchored educational certificates not only provides students with traceable qualification records but also optimises their certification processes.

A digital certificate issued via CredSure has a QR code and verifiable link, which can be viewed and validated from anywhere on the globe. It helps institutions uphold the legitimacy of documents is the most robust and scalable way and prevents document fraud. And, empowers individuals to prove their skills and achievements in a way employers can trust.

In addition, CredSure uses the European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations (ESCO) framework to support the process of skill and competency mapping to job roles and occupations. Thereby, improving credential recognition across borders and making the candidate sourcing process a lot less taxing for employers.

Our focus is on facilitating transparency in the global education and employment landscape; realising equal opportunity to technical professionals around the world. We are working on building a community of skilled professionals in developing markets, helping them to showcase their skills and find employment in developed markets.

“Keeping in line with the Global Education Coalition’s aim, using emerging technologies like blockchain, data analytics and artificial intelligence, we are breaking down barriers between conventional education and employment systems,” Tim Miller, Co-Founder & CEO – CredSure. “We look forward to supporting UNESCO and its multilateral partners in bringing effective educational resources and supporting infrastructure to deliver equal education and employment opportunities for all.”

In this time of need, we along with our global community are ready to focus on implementing innovative solutions to foster continuous learning, recognize skills across borders, and further remote education delivery.

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