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CredSure: Now a Proud Worlddidac Member

CredSure: A Proud Worlddidac Member

CredSure is excited to become a certified Worlddidac member, part of its active global network of manufacturers, distributors, and government institutions. 

In line with Worlddidac’s goal to bring the best educational resources and infrastructure to deliver quality education, we will focus on furthering technical skill development in many areas. We look forward to being an active member and empowering educators, skilled workers and recruiters through technology and knowledge.

As the global trade association for school suppliers and service providers, Worlddidac brings leading learning solutions to the education market. Established in 1952, it has a presence in over 40 countries. Worlddidac, with its massive network of members and affiliates, provides a solid framework for mutually beneficial interactions, partnerships and productive discussions.

As a dedicated skills community and a blockchain-powered hub, we are focused on harmonising educational standards and connecting key stakeholders in the education and employment landscape. Now, being part of the global network of Worlddidac members, from manufacturers to governmental institutions, we aim to expand our reach, our vision of bridging the gap between education and employment and identifying new opportunities to better serve our consumers.

Worlddidac Member

CredSure is not only proud but also excited to be part of the Worlddidac Association. We are looking forward to many inspiring conversations and relations to improve the scope of our solutions and provide more value to our stakeholders.

Worlddidac’s goal is to bring the best that the world has to offer in terms of educational resources and the supporting infrastructure needed to deliver quality education. With added value from Worlddidac’s network of leaders in global education and expanded outlook, we aim to continue to work towards bridging the skills gap. 

The CredSure platform positions educational institutions and skilled professionals for the future. One way it does this is by providing recommendations based on interests and skills. Worlddidac Association through its vast network has access to several market segments and information on specific topics. We aim to bring to our user base more resources, relevant publications and services, helping them improve their effectiveness and innovation.

“As a Worlddidac Member, CredSure now has more confidence to explore new geographies through Worlddidac’s global network. To better understand and collaborate with international organizations, governments and companies involved in skills development and mobility,” said Tim Miller, Co-Founder and Managing Director of CredSure International GbR. “We believe that the benefits we, as a company, receive will also reflect positively on our users.”