CredSure and International Skills Mark(ISM) Partner to Support Pakistan’s Skills Development Sector

CredSure and International Skills Mark(ISM) Partner to Support Pakistan’s Skills Development Sector

Taking the opportunity to shape the future of jobs, skills and training towards a sustainable model, ISM joins forces with CredSure. ISM will introduce the CredSure platform to training and educational institutes, recruiters, and professionals to deliver greater efficiencies across skill development, certification, employability, career guidance, and more. 

CredSure is a dedicated skills community. A networking hub that leverages the power of blockchain technology to provide technical professionals, educators, and employers a secure space to connect and collaborate. Individuals can build and showcase their technical competence and leave a lasting impression on recruiters. Educators can use the platform to list their courses, manage training batches and issue digital course completion certificates. The digital certificates are written to blockchain, providing instant verification, eradicating fakes, and providing increased transparency and trust in the certification process. 

Having access to verifiable credentials, recruiters can confidently source and screen candidates to fill vacant positions. Focused on the technical sector, educators, recruiters, and professionals can share knowledge, optimize processes, plan learning journeys and define career paths on CredSure.

ISM is ‘helping people, companies and nations build skills for prosperity’ with its partners from the aligned backgrounds of TVET, General Education, Impact Investment and Commercial Service Delivery. ISM is working as a Cooperation Partner of CredSure in Pakistan. CredSure and ISM have partnered to support stakeholders working in Pakistan’s Education and Skills Development Sector, including Training Institutes, Industry & Regulators. 

“One of our major goals is to bring visibility and career guidance to players in the technical educational and professional domains. CredSure, as a platform, brings a range of services for educators and companies to provide the right kind of upskilling and reskilling,” said Tim Miller, Co-founder, CredSure. “We are delighted to have partnered with ISM and are confident that their expertise can be of immense help in promoting skills development across a very wide range of organisations and sectors in Pakistan.”

“Our partnership will help the stakeholders in Pakistan to achieve some key milestones such as transparency and trust in certificates issuance process, visibility of institutes, connectivity with local and global job market and strengthening transparent assessment and quality assurance practices,” said Asad Ali Warraich, CEO- ISM, Pakistan.