ASDC Recognises Automation Skills Achievement at Scale with CredSure

ASDC Collobrates with CredSure to Automate Certificate Issuance

Based on the Automotive Mission Plan 2019-2026, the automotive sector is expected to employ 36 million people by 2026. These jobs are likely to move away from traditional manufacturing to computer-enabled solutions.

ASDC aims to skill and certify 25 million youth in the next 10 years, equipping professionals with skills in areas like IoT, mechatronics, robotics, 3D printing, AI, machine learning, deep learning, analytics, virtual collaboration, automotive design, and computational thinking.

“The industry has to cope with rapid digitalisation to meet the growing demands of our consumers. It is facing a rising skills shortage,” said Arindam Lahiri, CEO, ASDC. “Looking at the current digital landscape, we want to establish a supportive environment for professionals to learn new skills, gain a competitive edge and employment.”

Through CredSure’s credible solutions, a dedicated skills community, ASDC is furthering its environment where skilled automotive experts are internationally recognised for their skills while focusing on their career goals and increasing their earning potential.

“Our approach is to support ASDC and give them that secure system they need to recognise and track their student’s potential, performance and progress,” said Mike Wild. “Also, CredSure is broadening ASDC’s offerings with its blockchain-powered solutions aimed at bridging the skills gap in the industry.”


  • Brand Protection – ASDC protects their brand against counterfeit and fake certificates taking advantage of blockchain technology.
  • Operational Efficiency – Replaces time-consuming manual processes for certificate issuing and verification with automated, secure digital certification processes.
  • Data Analytics – A single view of students, courses and certificates to fill gaps in learning and help personalize and streamline education.

Transforming ASDC’S Digital Programs with a Purpose-Built App

Providing a comprehensive system accessible anytime, from anywhere, on any device to issue e-certificates to students who complete their courses was key to personalising ASDC’s experience. It was for this reason that

ASDC partnered with CredSure to establish a sense of control while issuing course completion certificates, appreciating a connected experience.

“ASDC was using separate systems to issue e-certificates for their digital learning programs, face-to-face private programs and to generate QR codes. These systems needed high support and had high hardware dependency. With teams working from home, it became difficult to use them. We needed a more agile, connected and scalable solution,” said  Arindam Lahiri, CEO, ASDC.

ASDC is now using CredSure, an end-to-end solution that manages the entire training, assessment and certification journey. By issuing digital certificates on a blockchain framework, they’re bringing trust and transparency back to the process – making ASDC’s certificates immutable/tamper-proof.

With the ability to handle assessments and certification at batch level, ADSC has gained overarching visibility of:

  • Students who are getting certified courses being undertaken
  • Certificates being reissued
  • The number of certificates being verified and validated

ASDC found a solution to protect its brand and issue secure, verifiable digital certificates.

CredSure has little/no hardware dependency, it seamlessly integrates with ASDC’s existing workflow and LMS. Taking advantage of CredSure, ASDC replaced extensive manual processes like tracking and verifying pre-issued certificates. They reduced their operational inefficiencies and errors while improving their time efficiency.

Overcoming Common Barriers to Issue Quality Digital Certificates

Now, as soon as a digital learning program student graduates, ASDC is issuing a tamper-proof digital certificate placed on the blockchain. The digital certificates are issued via the CredSure platform directly to the student’s email address and student’s CredSure profile, SkillPass.

“We wanted a secure, centralised system to manage ASDC’s non-government program assessments and issue certificates,” said Arindam Lahiri, CEO, ASDC. “CredSure proposed its blockchain-powered solution to issue secure and verifiable digital certificates. This is not only helping us but also our students, as they now have a platform backing their career.”

The CredSure platform provides a unified dashboard that ASDC can use to analyse certificate issuing trends, course enrolment and other drivers of demand, boosting ASDC’s standards. CredSure has also equipped the students with a SkillPass that they can use to track their lifelong learning, showcase their skills and land jobs.

An Immutable Certification and Standardisation Platform for Educators

The CredSure blockchain-powered hub has enabled ASDC to manage their assessment and certificate issuance process effectively, even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and temporary work from home.

“As the platform is powered by blockchain it brings transparency and traceability across the entire network and process, from listing training programs, creating and managing batches to issuing digital certificates,” said Mike Wild.

To get onboard, ASDC simply signed up to CredSure, created their profile and was set ready to engage with the students. They readily integrated their LMS with CredSure and began issuing digital certificates that can be verified instantly. For example, the CredSure team kept in frequent contact with ASDC staff to make sure they have all the information and resources needed for a smooth onboarding experience.

“Whether we are working from home or office, we wanted clear visibility into the number of students in each course, the batches and number of certificates issued,” said  Arindam Lahiri, CEO, ASDC. “CredSure exceeded our expectations. Its data analytics dashboard provides us with insights such as popular courses and the number of certificates being verified. CredSure has enhanced our brand reputation and has created a future-focused certification and record-keeping strategy.”

In addition to issuing digital certificates, ASDC is also encouraging students to create their SkillPass. SkillPass is a dynamic profile that students can use to showcase and prove their skills and connect with recruiters.

Students are using the SkillPass to record their video CVs, generate Europass CV, and to store and share professional documents with potential recruiters. SkillPass’s ability to guide students by offering personalised recommendations based on their skills and interest is also helping them map their career pathway with confidence.

“What’s nice is that the digital certificates that we issue now can be shared by students easily. Recruiters with access to the digital certificate or SkillPass can verify an individual’s credentials instantly and make a proper hiring decision,” said Arindam Lahiri, CEO, ASDC. “We’re extremely happy with the platform and support we have received.”