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Achtung Foreign Techies for Careers of the Future

Achtung Foreign Techies for Careers of the Future

If you’re a tech professional who swears by the ideologies of efficiency and innovation, then there’s some good news and some great news for you. There does exist a promised land where you can experience the zeniths of those ideologies, and yes, Deutschland is hiring.

And if you’re a German employer, you would probably begin a hiring blog along similar lines these days.

Indeed, Germany is witnessing a digital industrial revolution like much of the world, and it’s widely referred to as ‘Industrie 4.0’. Consequently, the country is investing heavily towards adopting new technologies to transform a tech sphere that plans to revamp itself for the win. After all, staying relevant and preparing for one’s future career is the name of the game in the tech industry, and so the country is keen on hiring specialists across a broad spectrum of skill-sets.

All sounds too good to be true for you tech professionals? Let’s consider some facts to reveal the true picture. For starters, engineering companies in Germany have reported vacancy figures which are 50% above the previous year levels, and there were more than 50,000 IT vacancies in Germany last year alone. There has been a substantial rise in the number of Indian professional with a STEM background as well, having increased to 10,244 professionals from 3,750 in 2012.

The most popular careers of the future or jobs you ask? Well, there is a demand for scientists across various fields, metallurgy experts, product managers and electronics engineers. There is also a demand for research professionals from major research institutes associated with the Max Planck Society and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Also, as you can see in the graph below, there is also a requirement for technical professions across mechatronics and automotive engineering – which also includes professionals who can operate and oversee automated operations, as well as energy engineering, transport infrastructure maintenance and monitoring and even a plethora of profiles in the construction-technical sphere.

Careers of the Future

Furthermore, according to, there are some incredible opportunities that have opened up across IT profiles such as software developer & programmer (6 in 10 IT companies reported vacancies for software developers), big data scientists, Cloud Computing professionals, Mobile App Developers and IT consultants to name a few.

However, there is one potential stumbling block for tech professionals and recruiters alike. To explain this, let’s take a scenario wherein a German organisation wants to hire software developers from India. Now, there are close to 5.2 million software developers in India alone, and so selecting the best talent, or even the best-fit talent for their organisation would be quite a herculean task. After all, the employer has to perform a thorough background check, and then assess the skill-sets of the candidate and possibly even add in a video interview to consider hiring them.

Luckily though, for employers and potential employees, there is a solution that can ensure that everyone has a Guten Tag soon enough. The aforementioned stumbling block is rendered null if employers and employees can meet at a hub where talent is the name of the game. This is precisely where CredSure aims to step in and revolutionise the way the hiring cycle goes about. CredSure is a platform powered by Blockchain Technology that lets technical students and professionals showcase their skills, share their verified credentials, connect with the right recruiters and even find certified training institutes to learn new technologies! What’s more, is that tech professionals can reach out to each other and potentially talk about collaborations or perhaps even share information about careers of future.

As for recruiters, candidate screening becomes a breeze as the platform can allow them to customize KPI’s and skill requirements to filter for the best-fit talent. Candidate verification is simplified too, as the employers can verify the candidate’s credentials with a single click, thanks to CredSure blockchain verification system. 

And sure enough, there is a silver lining for institutes as well. Training institutes can attract great tech talent by issuing digital certificates powered by blockchain technology, and directly associate themselves with recruiters through the platform, so as to facilitate more placement opportunities.

All in all now is the perfect time to make your move techies and employers! The doors to the careers of the future have well and truly been opened thanks to the Fachkraftezuwanderungsgesetz or the skilled immigration labour law that will make it easier for employers to hire foreign talent. Do remember that the road towards success is never easy, but if you’re willing to put in some hard work and build up your credentials, platforms like CredSure can do the smart work for you, and truly put you on the map.

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