2021 Predictions Job-Seekers Should Look Forward To


Before our calendars had even changed to 2021, people were talking about how they refused to believe that 2020 had ever happened. Many things have occurred during the last year, from the usual resolution-planning to braving pandemic hit days, we made it through. 

Work from home became the new “at work” for so many people. At the same time, the pandemic also left 147 million people unemployed. For individuals who are looking for work, we have gathered five predictions for 2021 that might just work wonders for your career.

Companies Will Focus More on Diversity, Equitu and Inclusion in Hiring

2020 witnessed a call for justice for people of colour and highlighted the need for further diversity and inclusion. “People who may not have been considered before such as people with physical disabilities, criminal histories, those without a college degree,” says Tony Lee, VP of editorial at SHRM. “Broadening the definition of what an effective successful candidate looks like can help make sure you’re more inclusive.”

A diverse workforce also reflects well on the company and its performance. A diverse workforce clearly shows employees what you stand for and believe in, as a company and as individuals.

Remote Work is Here To Stay

Remote work brought forth a new kind of normal that nobody expected. The pandemic forced companies as big as Facebook to turn to work-from-home full time.  

The downside of remote-working was that it blurred the lines of working hours. Yes, people saved on travel expenses but they also lost the time they got for themselves during the commute to and from work.

As companies start to get comfortable with this style of working there is a high chance that it will not go away any time soon.

On the other hand, the pandemic changed how many think of low-wage workers, supplying much-needed services to the economy. 

Increase Demand For Blue-Collar Workers

In the post-pandemic employment landscape jobs such as computer user support specialists, registered nurses, construction managers, financial managers, industrial machinery mechanics, electricians, nurse practitioners, elementary school teachers are expected to grow at a faster rate. 

Increased Use Of Technology

Now that remote-working is set to stay for the foreseeable future, use of technology is going to increase. From a rise in Zoom users to educational institutions adopting digital solutions and automated processes, it is evident that tools that make remote work easy will thrive. If you are considering adopting new technologies and solutions, now is the time.

Upskilling is The Way Forward

Studies have found that 87% of employers say that they are struggling to fill positions due to a skills gap.

Training programs and modular courses can help candidates reskill to demonstrate skills that match the job description. Reskilling and upskilling also improves growth opportunities. 2021 is quite likely the year that recruiters see the potential of upskilling and reskilling.

It is Time To Re-Imagine Your Career

Job losses and the existing skills gap in various industries is enough motivation to change careers. Along with learning new skills, earning digital credentials or certificates to prove the skills can help boost your chances of landing that job.

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